The BEST Thing for Your Heart

It used to freak me out, in my early blogging days, if I didn’t know what I was going to be writing about by 4:00 in the afternoon. I’ve learned much about going with the Flow and trusting in Divine guidance these last five years. So heading home tonight at 10:30 pm, and still not knowing yet what I was going to be writing about was not cause for alarm. It simply meant I remained open to possibilities during the 20 minute drive.

I realized, as I arrived home, that my desire to remain open following my question, What story shall I tell today? was in alignment with a discussion my daughter Elissa and I had earlier in the evening. There was my answer.

The BEST Thing for Your Heart

As a health advocate I promote a plant based diet as an excellent way to maintain a healthy, disease free heart. However, there’s another practice that I recommend as the very best thing that can be done for the heart.

Keep it open.

Opening or closing the heart is all about energy. When something hurts us, emotionally, mentally or physically, energy moves through the heart, by way of the heart chakra, and out of the body. At least, that’s what the energy is supposed to do. When we hold onto the pain, by rehearsing it in our minds over and over or by verbally telling the story of our pain repeatedly to others, the energy doesn’t escape. Instead it circles around and around the area of heart.

When we grow tired of feeling the pain, rather than release it at that time, we tend to wall it off, trapping that old energy within. We build elaborate protection around that old wound, so that no one can touch the pain. However, that energy is still there. When something similar happens to us or we experience a trigger that hits that old wound, the trapped energy moves again, around and around, creating fresh pain. So we build stronger walls to contain it…and on and on the pattern goes.

How then do we heal? We learn to open our hearts and keep them open. It begins with physically opening up the chest area by keeping the shoulders back. We don’t cross our arms over our chests or slump forward. Both actions effectively block the heart chakra.

When something triggers the old wound, rather than protecting ourselves, we feel the pain, acknowledge the old hurt, and allow the pain to pass on through. I’ve experienced this. I can actually feel the energy release and dissipate. Layer by layer, wound by wound, we open and release.

Trust me. Life will bring situations that allow such healing to take place. Then…stay open. Keep the heart open and refuse to close for any reason. It takes awareness. It takes practice. However, it is possible to open the heart and never close it again, no matter what is happening. I know. This has been my journey the last five years.

I am grateful to Michael A. Singer, whose book The Untethered Soul brought this teaching into my life. I’m grateful for all that life has brought to me, as I’ve remained in the Flow, so that I could learn to release old painful energy and open up my heart. I’m grateful for the conversation with my daughter. And I’m grateful that when I asked a question, the Divine answered. Stay open.

Yes, I am. My heart is wide open…and so full.

The BEST Thing for Your Heart

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