Series Review: Colony

One benefit from having a Netflix account is the ability to watch something on demand, rather than at a specified day and time, like traditional network television. I’ve discovered interesting shows and documentaries and movies, that I can watch late at night, after a full day.

This series actually came into my awareness when season three began on the USA Network. I recognized actor Josh Holloway, one of the stars of the long running series LOST, and I discovered that one of that show’s creators, Carlton Cuse, was also involved in the creative process of Colony. But…season three. That’s another benefit of Netflix, and Prime Video in this case. I can go back and start a series at the beginning.

Series Review Colony

Colony stars Josh Holloway, Sarah Wayne Callies, Kathy Baker, Isabella Crovetti, Jacob Buster, Peter Jacobson, Carl Weathers and Alex Neustaedter. The drama adventure series, with sci-fi overtones, was created by Ryan J. Condal and Carlton Cuse. Each episode has a run time of 42 minutes and carries a TV-14 rating.

Set in the near future, the world has been invaded by an alien force. Humanity is divided into those who collaborate with the new order, and those who resist it. Los Angeles is surrounded by a massive wall, and drones patrol the city from the air while Red Hats, headed by Alan Snyder (Jacobson), enforce the rules from the ground.

Series Review Colony

Will Bowman (Holloway), a former FBI agent, is forced to work for the occupational government, to protect his family…wife, Katie (Callies), son Bram (Neustaedter) and daughter Gracie (Crovetti). Their family has been divided by the occupation. A third child, son Charlie (Buster), was on a school field trip the day of arrival and he is on the other side of the wall.

Will and his partner Beau (Weathers) report to Phyllis (Baker), who sends them out on missions to break up and arrest members of the resistance. Those who are arrested are sent to a place with the ominous name of The Factory. They never return. But many in the resistance seem to disappear just before Will and Beau arrive, leading them to think they have a mole.

Series Review Colony

It’s a time of hardship and lack for the families struggling to lay low, survive and stay united. It’s a time of division as those who work for the new world order enjoy an elite status and privileges. Will and Katie are willing to do whatever it takes to find their missing son and keep their family safe and intact.

I’m only several episodes in, on season one, however I like this show. I’ve long been a fan of Josh Holloway, who played Sawyer on LOST. He was a wise cracking charmer on that series, a man who appeared self centered and unconcerned about others, but who ultimately revealed his caring heart. In Colony he plays a more serious role, and I suspect there is much yet to discover about him.

Series Review Colony

Katie works hard to come up with necessities for her family, encourage her husband and find Charlie. There is definitely more to Katie, beneath the surface. She is full of secrets.

I appreciate that the viewer isn’t given all the answers in the first few episodes. Story and character development is underway. I know aliens arrived. They are not shown and they are rarely discussed and yet fear of them or fear of repercussions at least, is evident in every action taken by those in collaboration.

I’m looking forward to discovering more. Who are the aliens? What do they want? What happens to the people who are taken to The Factory? Where is Charlie? I have many questions! I’m willing to watch the story unfold, to get the answers.

Series Review Colony