Be Brave

Today the intention that I drew to pop into my Hobbit door locket was Be brave. I wore my necklace all day, mindful of being brave. With that heightened awareness came the realizations that 1) bravery takes many forms, and 2) I can spot bravery in another as a result of holding that intention.

Family gathered today in Joplin for a birthday party. My young great nephew Kaleb was among the guests who arrived. Kaleb and I spent some time together this afternoon before the party. He asked about my Hobbit door necklace, giving me the opportunity to explain why I was wearing it and to show him the tiny slip of paper that had the words Be brave on it.

Kaleb was the person who most exhibited this quality. After the party, a group of us dined at the HuHot Restaurant for a late dinner. HuHot is great for plant based diets. I can select from a huge variety of fresh vegetables and watch as my meal is grilled.

Kaleb was so brave. He decided to try something for the first time, filling his bowl with shrimp, snow peas and mussels…in the shell. How many six year olds are so adventurous, so brave about sampling a new food?

He not only ate his grilled mussels, he went through the line a second time and enjoyed another plateful, adding an egg to the mix. He also created s’mores at the table for dessert.

While I did not do anything especially brave today, I appreciate that my awareness of the intention drew my attention to acts of bravery in another. Kaleb was my intention lived out today. I love you brave boy, and your willingness to try new things. Thank you for sharing your story with me!