From Christmas Tree to Potpourri

I just undecorated my Christmas tree late this afternoon. I love having my house decorated for the holidays, and I take my time undoing it all and packing it away. I prefer to use a freshly cut Fraser Fir as my Christmas tree. The subtle earthy scent greets me when I enter the house and it is symbolic of the season for me. I may buy smaller and smaller trees, as I get older, however, my intention is to continue to have a real tree every year.

I was sweeping up stray fir needles, after I carried the undecorated tree outdoors, when I paused to pick up the tip of a small branch that had snapped off. Closing my eyes, I held the bit of Fraser Fir to my nose and inhaled deeply. The scent lingered still, in spite of the tree being indoors for weeks and drying out considerably. I felt very alive, and centered, standing there with a broom in one hand, sniffing Fraser Fir!

Suddenly, an idea arose.

I gathered a handful of branch fragments. A new year, with fresh beginnings, signals the perfect time to create herbal potpourri to burn, clearing away the energy of the past. I would add Fraser Fir needles to the mix.

Using my heavy mortar and pestle, I combined the fir needles with dried sage, rosemary and thyme from my garden, while a tiny charcoal briquette turned ashen in my incense burner. I frequently burn my own homemade potpourri, made using a variety of herbs that I have grown. Sage in particular is excellent for cleansing energy in an enclosed space.

I know pine needles are considered helpful in eliminating negative energy. What do fir needles do? I turned to Google.

The smoke from fir needles helps to shift the atmosphere as well, clearing away negativity or clogged energy. Fir trees symbolize immortality, and seeing the bigger picture with great clarity. They also represent hope, healing, reverence, rebirth and faithfulness. And, science has proven that the aroma from the fir tree’s needles is both invigorating and relaxing, with is why they make excellent Christmas trees.

I carried my burner and fragrant mix of herbs and fir needles into my bedroom. The small rustic box at the foot of my bed, with a little artificial tree tucked still in the corner, provided the ideal space to burn my potpourri. I lit an unscented tea light candle in the bird candle holder and sprinkled the dried mixture over the hot charcoal.

As smoke curled delicately into the air, a wonderful aroma filled the room. I found it very fitting to clear the energy in my bedroom first. This is my dreaming space, both at night as I sleep and during my waking hours, when I am in creative mode. I closed my eyes, breathing slowly and deeply, and gently waved my hands, to move the scented smoke throughout the room. I could feel the energy in the room lighten and shift. Out with old ideas, old thoughts and old dreams…I am creating space for the new to arrive.

I loved this simple clearing exercise. And, I received great joy in knowing that this special time of renewal was carried out using the needles from the tree that has graced my home for more than a month. Its time of giving was not over. I collected and saved more tips of branches to burn with my herbs throughout the year. What a beautiful gift from Fraser Fir. I am honored.