This is Me…and Me…and Me

The song This is Me has not only totally captivated me, its message of acceptance and courage and living as the authentic self is inspiring me in many ways. All kinds of ideas have surfaced. I have used the phrase on several selfies and included them in blog posts.

This weekend I am visiting family in Oklahoma. I wanted a simple story to tell, so as not to take time away from my sister, niece, nephew in law and two great nephews. We are having fun playing games and chatting and eating Indian fare!

Watching six year Kaleb as he played his pint sized violin that he received for Christmas, I decided to capture each of my family members in a This is Me pose. The kids entered whole heartedly into this adventure, and even came up with great ideas for the adults.

Here are my family members…this is them!

I am enjoying this whole this is me experience. It is helping me to see myself in fresh, accepting and loving ways. And, it is helping me to see others in the same way. How can I look at someone now and not recognize their beauty, their gifts, their uniqueness?

As I take these pics, capturing people in that moment, I recognize that that is who they are, right then, at that point in their journey. Tomorrow, next week, two months from now, a this is me photo might look very different, as we all continue to shift and grow.

That is the wonder of our individual journeys…and the incredible power of declaring, “This is Me!”