Journey 222: BPT Sandwich

Several members of my family garden. While I focus on flowers, grasses and herbs in my garden, my mom includes vegetables in hers. She’s especially adept at raising tomato plants, which under her care produce enormous amounts of a variety of tomatoes. 

I love that, because she shares with me and the rest of the family! It’s hard to beat a sun ripened tomato freshly picked and juicy with flavor. This afternoon I was gifted with another bag of tomatoes and green peppers from my generous mom. I stopped at the grocery store on the way home to get bacon and a loaf of wheat bread. Dinner tonight was going to be a bacon and tomato sandwich!

As I was preparing my simple summer time meal, I had a fresh idea! Instead of the traditional BLT, bacon, lettuce & tomato, I opted for something different. I created a BPT sandwich…bacon, pepper, tomato…using a green pepper, thinly sliced, in place of the lettuce. 

It was awesome! The combination was rich in flavor and the green pepper added a satisfying crispness. I like it better than the usual BLT. 

I am inspired. I am thinking of all kinds of sandwich combos to try, with bacon and tomato as the basics. BAT…bacon, avocado, tomato, BBT…bacon, basil (fresh from my garden), tomato, and BMT…bacon, mushroom, tomato. Thinking of using fresh basil created the idea of a BC sandwich….bacon, caprese….which would include sliced mozzarella cheese, fresh basil and tomato, seasoned with salt and a dap of olive oil. 

I’m excited to try all of these, and see what else inspires me. With the summer heat making cooking prohibitive, what a simple but delicious way to use produce from the garden. Keep the tomatoes, coming mom. And thank you!