Sunshine in a Cup

I’ve had a very long day, showing property and gathering info for clients. I’m happy to help people as they journey to Joplin, making huge shifts in their lives.  And, this evening, I decided to go with a very simple blog post. 

A few months ago, a day like today would have increased my pain level tremendously, taking me out for the next 48 hours. However, although I’m tired tonight, I’m not in pain. I can tell that I was on my feet a lot today, and climbed many flights of stairs, but I was able to stretch out weary leg muscles, and thirty minutes later, I was fine. 

What a difference. 

On busy days it is even more crucial that I adhere to my plant based diet and routine. I love my morning smoothies to go. I used to skip breakfast if I had an early start to the day, or grab a fast food breakfast. Neither practice was healthy. 

Now I take the few extra minutes necessary to blend a healthy and luscious fruit smoothie. The pics show yesterday’s morning smoothie to go…a blend of banana, mango, pineapple. It was SO delicious, and full of goodness. 

This morning I left the house with a banana, peach, pineapple smoothie. It was equally delicious and full of vital nutrients. Both smoothies are bright yellow in color, due to the fruit used. 

I call these smoothies Sunshine in a Cup. Goodness never tasted so great!