Surrender 38: Super Sunday

Today was Super Bowl Sunday, and a milestone event at that, with this being the 50th. Here in the US, this day is very much a holiday, with parties, special food and drink, and keen interest in the outcome of a football game. 

At my house, there wasn’t a party, or a big spread of snacks, and no alcohol was consumed. It was a low key, relaxing day that flowed eventually to the kick off of the football game of the year between the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers.  


Angel, pictured above, perfectly captured the mood of the day! Rest was perfect. My sinuses were very congested today, and I’m grateful I could sip hot tea and enjoy a peaceful afternoon. 


I had intended to cook up a pot of chili, so that there would be something to eat during the game. And then Greg found a goulash recipe on Facebook that he shared with me. That sounded better! It’s been years since I’ve prepared this tasty dish. Here’s the simple recipe:

Easy American Goulash

2 lbs ground beef, browned

1 medium onion, chopped

1 medium green pepper, chopped

32 oz tomato juice

I 16 oz can diced tomatoes 

2 cups elbow macaroni, uncooked

After browning ground beef, combine all ingredients in a large cooking pot. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat to low and simmer for 45 minutes, stirring occasionally. 

The goulash was great, served with thickly sliced and buttered toasted bread. Greg said my goulash is better, but he enjoyed this version as well. 


While waiting for the big game, I spent the afternoon engaging in one of my favorite activities, coloring. I not only enjoy expressing my creativity via coloring, it is also very similar to meditation, slowing my mind and heart rate and quieting my body. 

I completed the parrots picture, which was a weekly challenge for one of my coloring groups. I appreciate the challenges. They push me to learn new techniques and color pictures that I wouldn’t, otherwise. Because of them, I’m becoming a better colorist. 


As the game began, I returned to coloring a work in progress, for a monthly challenge in another group. I’m not a huge football fan, although I enjoy watching the Super Bowl, primarily for the commercials. An advantage to not really caring which team wins is that I can watch in a relaxed state, appreciating things about both teams. 
My favorite Super Bowl commercial was the one with dachshunds sporting hot dog costumes, running toward people dressed in ketchup and mustard outfits. It was adorable! And the Doritos ads were winners again this year, making me laugh the most. 

The Denver Broncos won the Super Bowl, 24 – 10. It was a good game, with the teams evenly matched. I colored during the game, glancing up occasionally, listening as I laid color onto my page…and paused to look up during the commercials! That’s backwards, I know, but the routine worked beautifully for me. Super Bowl Sunday was a Super Day! 


Journey 270: Super Sunday

Sunday is my favorite day for caring for myself, body, mind and soul. It’s been a wonderfully restful day, spent mostly at home except for an excursion to greet my daughter Elissa at a welcome home celebration. She attended a women’s retreat over the weekend and the tradition is to have family present when the ladies return, to cheer and hug and give tokens of love. I rejoiced over Elissa’s bright and beautiful face as she climbed off the bus. She was tired…who sleeps on retreats…but happy. Perhaps she will do a guest blog post for me someday, and share her soulful experiences, because it is her story to tell. 


I arrived back home, just as the sun was sinking. And I knew precisely how I wanted to conclude this gorgeous day. Tonight another Supermoon will grace the sky. And not only is this a full moon that appears larger than normal, it is a full lunar eclipse as well. I wanted to be outside to watch for it. It was the perfect evening for another activity that I’ve been wanting to do as well, out in the garden…color. 

 I started a cozy little fire, that soon blazed into a cheerful roaring fire, and brought out an unsweet tea from Sonic, my colored pencils,  and a new coloring book that I have enjoyed this weekend. The book is The Time Garden, by Daria Song. The pictures are detailed, which I love, and each page tells the story of a little girl who journeys, via her father’s antique cuckoo clock from Germany, to magical places. It’s a whimsical collection of pages to color. I completed the first page today, after beginning last night. I started on a fresh page, in my own enchanted garden. 

I am totally captivated by coloring in these books for adults. The colored pencils give me a lot of freedom to mix colors as I add layers and create subtle shading for interest and depth. I love how being creative awakens an artistic side deep within my soul. My senses are more acute. As I was driving this afternoon I noticed colors and textures and the play of light on the old buildings in downtown Webb City. I observed more keenly, noting how shadows form there beneath the eaves of a tall brick storefront, so I could duplicate the effect later with my pencils. 

I stood to peer over the fence as the sun slipped below the horizon. It was beautiful. And I studied the sky, awash with colors, thinking about how to best capture such a stunning sight. I like how an act as simple as coloring has a profound effect on me, shifts me, opens me to more possibilities, more beauty in the world. 


In the darkness, relieved only by the glow through the neighbor’s windows and the flickering firelight, I sit at peace, with myself and with my world, and watch the eastern sky. The moon has appeared and the earth’s shadow is crossing her shining face. My cat Shy Boy has claimed my lap and enjoys the night with me, staring into the fire. What a magical evening.