Hens and Chicks

I’ll be sharing a brief blog post tonight, after a lovely evening hosting my book club ladies in the backyard garden. Knowing this event was coming up, I made sure the garden looked its best, putting down fresh mulch and tidying up the beds. My creative activities have aligned perfectly with having guests in the garden tonight. I’ve consistently drawn the gardening activities the last few days. 

Early this morning, eager to finish up gardening tasks, I was busily planting succulents called Hens and Chicks in and among the Arkansas rocks with holes or depressions in them. Suddenly I paused, realizing I had forgotten to draw my creative action for the day. Dusting off my hands I took the time to correct my goof. 

There were five folded slips of paper in the pitcher. One of them had for its creative activity the planting of Hens and Chicks in the rocks. Would I draw it? There was a twenty percent chance that I would…and an eighty percent chance that I would not. 

I selected:

Plant Hens & Chicks in rocks. 

True story. I laughed. And I felt relieved. I was already engaged in the perfect creative activity for the day. And more than that, I was shown, once again, that I’m in alignment with the flow of life, with the Divine. 

I tucked these fun plants into the rocks Greg brought home from his parents’ house. The parent plant, the Hen, creates tiny versions of itself, the Chicks. I separated baby plants and scattered them among the rocks. I’m looking forward to watching them grow and spread. 

I am so humbled by this whole creative experience. I’ve learned more about trust and playfulness and about being surrendered to the flow. And even when I think I’m running ahead, I discover I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. I am so loving this journey.