The Yellow Trellis´╗┐

Today I drew the last folded slip of paper from my vintage glass pitcher, the 30th creative action. I knew what was left…a gardening activity. It was perfectly timed, as the hot summer temperatures are back! There won’t be any more fresh plantings this season. 

I emptied the pitcher with this one:

Create small garden around azalea bush. 

This small area is my last bit of untamed wilderness. All the other garden spots have been redone and the backyard transformed. But this little plot of earth, between the lilac and azalea bushes, is overgrown. It was time to turn my creativity loose here. 

Opting for simplicity, my primary goal was to eliminate the weeds and open up the space. I dug up hostas that have never done well in this location, due to receiving too much sun. They will do better in a shady spot in the backyard. I now had bare ground to work with. 

A week ago I found a bright yellow trellis with a bird perched on it, at Lowe’s. There was only one left, seven days ago. I hoped it was still available. As I drove to the Garden Center, the image of a tipped flower pot came to mind. I’ve always wanted one in the garden. 

I found both items quickly. The trellis was where I had left it last week. Then, although I was drawn to it, I wasn’t sure where I would put it. I hadn’t selected the correlating activity yet. Now I knew exactly where the brightly colored trellis would take up residence. 

I picked up five plants…two white dipladenia to trail up the trellis, and three plants for the tipped pot. I like the color combination of the coral calibrachoa paired with the frothy white euphorbia in the flower pot. And I love the visual effect of the flowers spilling out of the container. 

I’ll add a thick layer of mulch this week, and this creative project will be completed. Indeed, all of my creative activities are completed, and what an incredible experience these 30 arrows of desire  became. Inspired by an exercise in Walking in This World, what began as creative play for me quickly became lessons in art, creativity, belief, life and most of all, trust. 

I discovered how much in the flow I am. I marveled at how in sync I was with the creative activities, and how precisely the actions meshed with my day and allotted time. All unfolded perfectly. And I learned. Each activity became an arrow of desire that I launched, and following that arrow to the intended target, I uncovered deeper truths about life, God, surrender, and myself. I have seen that the Divine loves to play too and especially loves when I’m paying attention. As I move, the Divine moves to meet me, right where I am. 

I will carry these profound truths with me as I continue to journey, surrendered to all that is intended for me. 

Julia Campbell wrote, “Art is a matter of commitment. Commitment is of interest to the Great Creator. When we display the faith necessary to make our art, the Great Creator displays an interest and an active hand in supporting what it is we are doing. We receive supply in all forms.” 

I have found this to be true. With great anticipation, I am looking forward to seeing what’s just around the river bend. 

The end of a great experience…or is it?