Science of Empowerment 

Seven years ago, as I sought to fully embrace who I was by way of understanding more about myself and my intuitive nature, I expressed a desire to connect with like-hearted, like-minded journeyers. I was studying topics such as energy and intention and intuition. Shortly thereafter, during a Third Thursday in downtown Joplin, I began to meet other people on similar paths of exploration. 

Today I have many friends to journey with, who are also learning and growing and discovering who they are and what they have to offer to the world. Rob was one of the people I met seven years ago, and connected with as a fellow sojourner. Later his journey took him away from Joplin for several years and we rarely communicated. But Rob reached out to me a couple of months ago, from Kansas City where he nows resides. To my delight, Rob shared that he is in training to receive his certification as an energy worker. We have reconnected as he travels to Joplin once a month or so, and I’ve experienced powerful energy sessions with Rob. He is gifted in this area and shows great promise as a healer. 

Rob invited his friend and colleague, Diane Breneman, to teach a class in Joplin this evening, on the Science of Empowerment. I had the privilege of attending this excellent presentation. 

Diane was a successful attorney in Kansas City for 27 years, specializing in representing severely burned children and/or their parents. She has studied mindfulness techniques and personal development practices with Joey Klein, founder of Consciousness Transformation. Since 2010, Diane has taught classes, in the Kansas City area and beyond, on  how to transform our experiences of life by optimizing the mind, emotions, body and spirit. 

Tonight, Diane shared that science is discovering the amazing power that we have to transform our minds, emotions and physical bodies, all the way down to the genome. Using personal stories together with scientific studies, Diane spoke about the negative and far reaching effects of stress on the body. We are not made to function for long, much less live, under the high levels of stress that most of us experience. Doing so is damaging to our mental, physical and emotional health. 

Diane shared transparently about her own health issues, and how adopting the practice of daily meditation brought restoration and healing to her. She is not alone in finding her way back to health through meditation. Research supports that there are many benefits in meditating, from quieting the mind and emotions, to lowering heart rate and blood pressure and healing from disease, to deepening relationships, with others, with God, and with the self. 

The teaching concluded this evening with a lovely and restorative guided meditation, led by Diane. 

I am so appreciative of Rob and Diane. I know everyone in the room tonight made their own personal applications from the teaching presented. As I listened, I had one of my “Ahhhh…” realizations, understanding why I was there. Monday I begin a new adventure as I continue to learn about healing from chronic pain as a result of a car accident 21 years ago. I’ll be doing a 30 day detox diet to reset my body, and setting the intention to heal nerves and soft tissue. Diane reminded me tonight of the remarkable power of the mind and that I do posses the ability to heal myself. Meditation will be an important daily component during this time. 

I’m looking forward as well to being part of a community of people who are learning more. Rob will be leading a book club this fall that will meet over nine weeks. The participants will read through Joey Klein’s book, The Inner Matrix. Meditation is part of the weekly meeting. There are no coincidences. This comes at a crucial point in my journey. I know I am being Divinely guided. 

As we focused on our breathing during meditation, we listened to Diane’s words. On the inhale, “I am…”. On the exhale, “…Peace”.  Over and over. Long slow deep breaths. Yes. I am Peace.