Lessons from a Tomato Plant

I’ve shared previously about my volunteer tomato plant that appeared in my garden. I haven’t grown veggies in my backyard for years and years. When this plant caught my eye, it was about six inches tall. I recognized the leaves, however I pinched one, just to be sure. The unmistakable aroma confirmed my suspicion. 

I believe a bird flying by must have given me this gift. And a gift it has been. I let the plant co-exist with my flowers and it has grown and produced an abundance of cherry tomatoes. Having embraced a plant based diet this summer, it was amazing to me that this symbol of health “randomly” popped up. 

I chose to let the tomato plant grow naturally, without staking it or caging it. I kept weeds away, watered it occasionally between rain showers and let it be wild, stretching toward the sun. It also stretched out along the ground. This tomato plant is massive, vining out 15 feet or more, in two directions. It is healthy, lush, exuberant in its wildness, and heavily laden with ripening fruit. 

I have come to appreciate this little tomato plant that could. I love its wildness. I love that left free to grow, without being pruned or staked or caged, the plant has become beautiful and fruitful and totally and absolutely what it was created to be…a producer of delicious tomatoes. 

I am grateful for the deep truths that this sprawling plant has taught me: I am capable of tremendous growth when I dwell in freedom. As I allow myself to be who I am created to be, I naturally produce fruit in my life, to offer to others. Untamed wildness is a good thing. It is not only acceptable to take up space and grow healthy and vibrant, it is desirable. 

While other plants in my garden are slowing down and dying back, my tomato plant is thriving. Frost will eventually claim it. But in the meantime, it continues to flourish and produce. I am so glad that this plant found its way into my garden…and into my life.