The Wisdom of Story

Earlier this month, I signed up for a four part series of lessons. The Wisdom of Story is the fine result of the collaborative efforts of authors Glennon Doyle Melton and Brené Brown. These two soulful and authentic women have shared from their hearts and lives on topics such as addiction, shame, loss, joy, love and the importance of being fully who we are, via their books and blogs. 

I recently “met” Glennon through a post on Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook page. I read both of her books, Carry on Warrior and her recent release, Love Warrior. (Read my review of Love Warrior HERE). I was so moved, so unsettled, so ready to own my story and give it voice after reading Glennon’s memoirs. And into the midst of my longing for something more, came this class. Oh, the marvelous Divine timing of the events that have led me here. 

Tonight I had the opportunity to begin the course with Lesson One. Using a series of videos to present the lesson and the exercises, Glennon and Brené share candidly from their own lives. Life has been “brutiful” (beautiful + brutal) for both of these courageous women. Life is brutiful for each of us, if we are honest, a mix of beautiful moments that take our breaths away, and brutal moments that knock the breath from us, leaving us gasping in pain. 

To grow, to own my story, I must accept both in my life. 

Because this is a paid course, I will not be sharing about the lessons in detail. Here is a link to the CourageWorks website where info about the course is presented. The lessons can be started at any time and completed online, taking as much time as needed. There is an e-workbook included, that can also be printed out, to record answers to questions and exercises. 

The course is very well done. I wouldn’t expect anything else from these encouraging women. Brené and Glennon suggest reading Love Warrior in conjunction with completing The Wisdom of Story. 

I am excited about working through these lessons, slowly and thoughtfully. After reading Glennon’s books I desired to be more aware of my own story and desired as well to be able to tell the story inside of me with my voice. That desire went out. And this course appeared almost immediately, for me an answer to a need I had only just become aware of. 

I love how things work out.