Welcoming Fall

It has been so warm here in southwest Missouri, that I’ve yet to switch my front porch and house from summer décor to fall. With the arrival of October, however, it is time to reset porch and tabletops, vintage suitcase and the big wooden sieve, cooler temps or not!   

I felt drawn to begin with the large wooden sieve that rests on my little dining room table. I love this vintage piece. It is just the right size to hold two or three smaller pieces, creating a vignette that can be easily changed. 

And I had change in mind. I wanted to create fresh new looks for everything, including the wooden sieve, the vintage suitcase, tabletops, and the front porch. I remained open as I began unpacking my big plastic tub full of fall decorations. 

As I thought about the now empty wooden sieve, the old china doll came to mind. The last two autumns, she has stood in the vintage suitcase in the bedroom. Apparently this year, she was moving to the dining room table. This was a good start to mixing things up! 

The only item that returned to the sieve, that was present last fall, is the white footed bowl, cradling mini pumpkins. New to the vignette are the red berry and rusty jingle bells picks, the votive candle holder adorned with a wooden oak leaf, and the small framed quote, that I purchased at the recent 2 Friends & Junk show. I love that quote! 

Also new this year are the adorable wire and metal cloches that I purchased at the same show. They look great covering artificial yellow pumpkins as they rest on orange dinner plates. Simple beaded garlands in fall colors create a nest for the pumpkins. 

I’m happy with the final result. I freshened the vignette by introducing new pieces. It is very warm and homey and definitely brings fall into my home. Walking by the arrangement tonight, I am inspired to keep shifting summer décor into fall, catching up with the season. I’m looking forward to creating more new vignettes, using pieces that I already have in different ways. 

Where will I turn my attention next, as I make everything around me beautiful?