Vegan Gluten Free Pizza

It’s Wedding Day Eve here, the night before the Big Event tomorrow. This evening I had the opportunity to meet many of Nate’s family members, who have arrived in Joplin from all over the midwest. We gathered at JB’s Downtown for a time of getting to know each other and sharing a meal. 

I knew pizza was being served tonight, and I was okay with that. I planned to eat a salad. JBs, in fact, prepared a huge salad, served family style, and free of cheese, meat or croutons. Perfect. 

As others were placing their pizza orders, I heard our awesome server ask what type of crust was preferred…thin, hand tossed or gluten free. Gluten free? My ears caught those words and I was interested. 

The server confirmed that they offer a vegan pizza with a gluten free crust. I was excited! Greg and I ordered one to share. Our pizza was the last one brought to the table, and it was worth the wait. 

Black olives, onions, mushrooms, green peppers and spinach topped olive oil and basil pesto, over a crispy, gluten free crust. It was so good! And I felt good eating a couple of pieces. It is wonderful to discover vegan options here in Joplin and know that if I want a pizza, I can get a healthy one. 

It was great to meet Nate’s charming family. There will be more relatives to be introduced  to tomorrow and my family will be arriving, all here to celebrate the marriage of Adriel and Nate. We will end the evening one big happy family. I can’t wait!