Happy Birthday Scott

Today my nephew Scott turned 34 years old. Older son of my sister, Linda, Scott’s birth made me an aunt for the first time. I’ve watched that baby boy grow into a fine young man, with a wife and children of his own. 

Following the tradition for this year, I looked up Scott’s name:

“Scott, you are spiritually aware and you can wound or charm. You welcome love and new beginnings into your life. In business, you are a promoter of original ideas and can enjoy financial success, especially when you listen to your creative side. You are frank, methodical and believe in law, system and order.

You seek freedom to be who you are, and look for opportunities to enjoy life. You have an adventurous nature and you are often willing to take risks to achieve your objectives. New ways of doing things and new experiences appeal to you and soothe your restless nature. You are honest and fair, because you know that this is the only way to receive justice and honesty from other people. Personal growth is vital to you, and it is difficult to be tied down by too many rules and obligations. 

There is depth of character in my nephew, and definite charm in that gorgeous smile. He is laid back and easy to get along with. That casual air conceals at first a mind that thinks deeply and a bent toward creativity. I love listening to Scott share about his desire to write and tell stories. I hope to encourage him to pursue that dream of writing and to find his unique voice. Scott has gifts to share with the world. We need what only he can offer. 

Scott and his wife Nicole have a strong and loving relationship, and a mutual respect for each other born out of honesty. They have been blessed with two adorable children, Weston and Lola. Scott is an active dad, sharing in the day to day responsibilities of caring for them. His devotion to his family is so evident and one of his greatest strengths. 

I happened to be in Oklahoma tonight and I got to see Scott on his birthday. Nicole and the kids put up banners and decorations and Nicole baked him a strawberry triangular cake. Why? Because he had never had one before. 

We sang happy birthday and cheered as Scott blew out candles, much to the delight of his toddler daughter, who shares November as a birthday month. While I didn’t eat cake, I was glad to have the opportunity to celebrate this wonderful man on his special day. 

Happy birthday, Scott! Keep enjoying life. I love you!