Movie Review: Doctor Strange at the Warren Theater

Saturday evening I enjoyed such a treat, in the realm of movie going. I visited the Warren Theater in Broken Arrow, OK, for the first time, to view the long awaited movie, Doctor Strange. 

I’ve wanted to watch a movie in this new state of the art theater since it opened. Thanks to my niece Ashley, who purchased tickets a week early, I at last had the opportunity to see inside this classy place. 

I was accompanied on this adventure by Greg, Linda, Debbie and Ashley. Our tickets gained us admittance into the ultra luxurious Director’s Suite, an intimate Hollywood style viewing room with reclining seats and chair side service from an extensive menu. We arrived early, and checked out the Director’s Lounge while waiting for the suite doors to open.

I was impressed when I saw the suite! With seating for 40 guests, the theater had the feel of a private viewing room. The seats did indeed recline, with warmers that could be turned on, and had small table tops that swung in front of each chair for the ultimate comfort while watching the movie and dining. 

We ordered dinners and drinks and I snapped pics with delighted enthusism while we waited for our food to arrive and the movie to begin. I was so grateful that the Warren had vegan options on the menu! I had a veggie burger, tossing the toasted bun aside, a small garden salad, and a tall glass of cold water. 

Just after our food arrived, the lights dimmed and the movie began.  I’ve looked forward to seeing Doctor Strange all year. Comfy in my heated seat, legs stretched out, dining on a tasty veggie burger, I was ready! 

Doctor Strange stars Benedict Cumberbatch, Rachel McAdams, Chiwetel Ojiofor, Benedict Wong, Tilda Swinton and Mads Mikkelsen. This next installment in the Marvel Universe storyline was directed by Scott Derrickson and has a run time of 1 hour and 55 minutes. The adventure/fantasy carries a PG-13 rating, for intense action scenes. 

This story follows Dr. Stephen Strange (Cumberbatch), an extremely talented and egotistic neurosurgeon in the NYC area. After a horrific car accident severely damages the surgeon’s hands, and threatens his identity if he can no longer perform surgeries, Strange embarks on a journey that takes him far from New York and the reality he has accepted all of his life. 

The rest of the Doctor Strange characters are Christine (McAdams), Strange’s colleague and off and on girlfriend, Mordo (Ojiofor), one of the Masters at Kamar-Taj in Nepal, Wong (Wong), the Librarian…and so much more…at Kamar-Taj, The Ancient One (Swinton) and the villain of the story, Kaecilius (Mikkelsen). 

There are mysteries and mystics, transformations and time loops, metaphysical lessons and mind bending action scenes that caused one of my sisters and my niece to take dramamine so they could watch without getting too dizzy. 

I loved the dialogue within the film about surrender and being in the flow. It was so on target and spoke deeply to me. While the story contains some elements that may seem far beyond what we know as possible, many of the metaphysical components are very familiar to me. Movies like Doctor Strange expand my mind and awareness and encourage me to keep following my path and to keep growing. 

Doctor Strange was an amazing movie, highlighting the talents of one of my favorite actors…Benedict Cumberbatch. And I viewed the movie in an incredible theater, that just might have spoiled me for future theater excursions. I’m excited to watch this movie again…and I’m thinking the new Star Wars movie presents an excellent opportunity to return to the Warren.