Possessing a Mithril Heart

I know it’s early to be out hunting for a Christmas ornament. However, I took a few minutes before lunch today, and did exactly that. Every year, I purchase a new heart-shaped ornament for my tree. 

The tradition was born 14 years ago, as I began the process of drawing all the fragmented pieces of my heart, all the bits of who I was, together into a whole. As I reclaimed pieces of my heart that I had given away, or locked away, I envisioned my heart knitted back together, strong, healthy, whole and full of light. I asked God to show me who I truly was. The soul name Mithril was given to me, through a series of repetitions and synchronicities. 

Mithril, an element from the fictional realm of Middle Earth, is strong, beautiful, protective, light…and silver in color. Most of my heart ornaments are silver, or made from clear glass, as a nod to mithril. Last year I departed from that trend by purchasing a set of four small hearts in pastel colors. 

Today, I was open to whatever drew me. 

I visited Michael’s, where I found last year’s heart ornaments, and then Hobby Lobby. Nothing. 

I ended up at Cracker Barrel for lunch, to dine on a vegetable plate. I had browsed through their country store the last time I was there, finding a selection of chunky wooden hearts painted white and red. Those did not draw me. As My granddaughter Aubrey would say, they “didn’t ring my bell”! They still didn’t, today. 

And then, thinking my heart ornament was not to be found at Cracker Barrel, I was walking away when I spied another possibility. Simple, and priced at $.99, the wooden heart ornament caught my attention. 

I felt drawn to its simplicity and its beauty. It was made of wood and definitely not silver or clear glass, and yet…this little ornament felt right. I purchased it. 

Tonight, I looked up the symbolism of wood. It is an earthy, solid element, representing Beauty, Strength, Wisdom, and Eternal Life. Those are characteristics that are significant to me. And I love the symbol painted on the heart. Trees draw me strongly as well. The tree has its roots grounded deep in the fertile earth, while its branches dance freely in the air. 

All those deeper meanings and symbols are very appropriate for a Mithril Heart. I love how I was guided to the perfect Christmas ornament. I have my 2016 heart.