Life Changing Foods

I was excited to receive a new book in the mail yesterday, and spend time reading in it today. Life Changing Foods is the second book by Anthony William, also known as the Medical Medium. With Anthony’s help through his first book, Medical Medium, I have switched to a plant based diet and taken charge of my health and well being. 

I’ll give a full review after I’ve read the whole book. I am loving this new information already and wanted to share a bit about it. 

The subtitle of the book hints at what’s inside: Save Yourself and the Ones You Love with the Hidden Healing Powers of Fruits and Vegetables. The book contains important information about what’s behind the rise in mystery illnesses and autoimmune disorders and showcases 50 foods that can repair DNA, boost the immune system and heal the body. 

I began reading in Part I today, about the increase in disorders and diseases that doctors have grouped together under the term “mystery illnesses”. Many of these illnesses are labeled as autoimmune diseases, indicating that the body is attacking itself. These disorders include fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, colitis, thyroid disease and a host of other illnesses, such as chronic pain.

I have embraced Anthony’s belief that our bodies are not attacking themselves, but doing their best to help us heal. Viruses such as Epstein Barr and shingles are attacking our bodies and creating inflammation, pain and debilitating sickness. 

I have experienced the incredible healing power of fruits and vegetables. If you’ve been following my healing journey, you’ve read about the amazing improvements I’ve made and the relief I am finding from years of chronic pain. 

The heart of Life Changing Foods is Part II, titled The Holy Four. This section is broken into four sections: Fruits Vegetables Herbs & Spices Wild Foods. Here is found information about 50 of the most powerful and beneficial foods on the planet. 

For each food there is a description about the health benefits, a section about what conditions and symptoms are helped by eating that food, what emotional support is given and the spiritual significance associated with it. There are tips included for selecting the best produce and a recipe for trying out the food in a fresh, new way. 

Tonight, as I sliced up an apple to eat as a snack, I read about the power of this fruit. Apples are anti inflammatory and a great cleanser of the organs, lymphatic system and the colon. They help with a host of disorders including arthritis, thyroid disease and Lyme disease. Symptoms that would warrant eating more apples include neuropathy, dizziness and brain fog. 

Tips include choosing red-skinned apples for the most benefits. And…I love this section…the spiritual lesson from this fruit is to heed the apple’s ability to protect itself with its frost-resistant skin. I can draw a protective shield around myself when someone is cold or indifferent toward me. 

That’s just a peek at the information that is available, on one super food. There is so much more to explore and learn. This book resonates with me already. I’m excited to work with my body and the Divine in restoring my health and being the best me possible. I feel empowered, knowing that the food I choose to eat has the ability to transform my health. 

Anthony says at the end of his introduction, “I hope you’ll come to see that all along a divine, benevolent force has been looking out for you, leading you to this time in your life–this time when you could finally climb onto the back of that white horse and let it take you farther than you imagined possible.” 

I do feel I’ve been led to this time of healing in my life, and down a path of restoration and deeper awareness of my body. I’m ready to see just how far I can go! 

Check out Life Changing Foods HERE