Neighborhood Blessing Box

I came home a week ago and found a flyer laying on the table on my front porch. I barely glanced at it before crumpling it up and tossing it into the trash. A few minutes later, sitting in my creative studio, I suddenly sat up straight as I felt nudged to retrieve the flyer. What did it say? I didn’t even know. 

I fished the wadded up flyer out of the trash bin and smoothed it out. It wasn’t just an advertisement. It was a cool opportunity. 

I drive past that alley every day. Recently a bright blue box had appeared, however I didn’t know what it was. Now I did. The purpose of the Blessing Box is to provide a little extra help to anyone in need. Small items such as household products, toiletries, personal products, non perishable food and seasonal items can be placed within and people are free to take what they can use. 

I saved that wrinkled flyer and today, I purchased items to place in the box. With the cooler temps arriving, I settled on children’s caps and gloves. 

As the sun was setting on my full day, I stopped by the Blessing Box in my own dear neighborhood, and carefully placed the items inside. I was delighted to find an assortment of useful products sitting on the shelves. 

As I slowly closed the doors, I thought about how the energy of Love begins as a thought and is amplified by the emotions surrounding it. Action sets Love in motion and the impact is far reaching, continuing outward in ever widening ripples. 

This little Blessing Box IS Love in action. The items are given freely, with nothing expected in return. By contributing to the project, my Love, my desire to care for others, joins with the flow of Love that the creator of this mini pantry initiated, amplifying the impact. What blessings, indeed, for the givers and the receivers. I will be adding to the blue box frequently. 

Well done, neighbor. I am grateful that I retrieved your flyer!