A New Way to Kick Off the Holiday Season

Today was the Keller Williams Thanksgiving Dinner at my office. I love that the real estate company I work for hosts this event annually, inviting agents from other companies and affiliates to join us in expressing gratitude for all the blessings in our lives. The company provides turkey, ham, dressing and mashed potatoes, and the KW family provides the rest, creating an impressive spread of food. 

This KW dinner officially kicks off the holiday season for me each year. I enjoy chatting with agents and great people from companies that assist us such as lenders, title company reps, insurance agents and home inspectors. And yet this year, I almost didn’t attend. I knew most of the food would be off limits to me. I decided to go, as I had invited a guest, a young man in the process of getting his real estate license. 

I’m glad I attended. It was fun to see colleagues and service providers. And I did well, eating. Bless the people who brought healthy side dishes. I enjoyed salad and plain veggies and fresh fruit. A few people asked me about my under-filled plate, giving me the opportunity to share about switching to a plant based diet. Everyone was gracious and I felt good about my first holiday meal, healthy style!

I kicked off the holiday season in a new way as well today. Because I am continuing to lose weight on a plant based diet, I took time for a shopping trip to my favorite clothing store, Cato. Normally this time of year, I am contemplating which loose fitting pants to wear during Thanksgiving dinner. Not this year. Although the dietary changes I’ve made are to increase health and well being, I can’t complain about buying clothes in a smaller size. 

I’m excited about the holidays. I love this time of year. Eating differently won’t affect the joy I feel spending time with family, shopping with the grandkids, communicating with the Divine and reflecting on life and my journey as the year winds down. 

What it does affect is how I will feel when January 1, 2017 arrives…guilt-free, happy, healthy, vibrant. I can live with that.