Make it at Home: Hummus

For quite some time, I have wanted to try making my own hummus. I love this healthy Middle Eastern dish, made from mashed chickpeas. I’ve collected recipes, including vegan versions as my diet changed. Most of the easy to follow recipes called for a food processor, which I didn’t yet own. Now that I am the happy recipient of one, thanks to Greg,  I was ready to create my own delicious hummus. 

Easy Basic Hummus

This was so easy to prepare and took only a few minutes to make. Tahini is a paste made from sesame seeds, available at health food stores or in the specialty aisle at larger grocery stores. It is great also as a base for dressings. I will be attempting my own batch of tahini soon. The rest of the ingredients are readily available at the grocery store. 

The hummus smelled wonderful as I transferred the completed dip to a bowl. After drizzling with additional olive oil and sprinkling with paprika, I sampled a bite with a crunchy celery stick. 

It was oh…so…good! Fresh and creamy, this was the best hummus I have tasted. The basic recipe can be easily adapted. I’ll whip up more hummus with red peppers or olives or create some heat with additional spices. 

The possibilities are vast. It’s going to be play time in the kitchen!