Snowman Village

I’m sharing a quick, mostly pictorial blog post tonight, after an evening at the movie theater with several family members. I want time to process the movie so I will share about it tomorrow. 

I’ll end my day with a few photos of Christmas arriving at my house. 

I focused most of my efforts on the dining room today. Those snowmen who appeared so lost and disorganized yesterday gathered together beautifully this afternoon on my small dining table. 

Ray’s paper snowman, that I framed recently, found a home within the vintage wooden sieve. It was a happy mistake, however, I love now that I plopped the cookie jar snowman’s head on crookedly. He seems to be peering at this newcomer who resembles him, with a shy smile on his frosty face. 

The black candle holder with the hurricane glass was a old treasure I dug out of a deep cupboard in the Arkansas house when we closed it up. It fits perfectly in this vignette. 

These metal and wire cloches have been fun to create with. They sheltered mini pumpkins during fall, and now cover tiny trees tucked into Christmas cups atop matching plates. 

A rustic mix in front of the dining room windows. The crate of wooden acorns and word “journee” are reminders of last year’s journey, which flowed into this year’s adventures. 

The last project I worked on before the movie break, was carefully setting up this vintage nativity. Greg’s mother painted this set 62 years ago. As we were packing up his parents’ house, we found the crèche that goes with the ceramic figures. This is my first time to use it and I was happy that I was able to make all the pieces fit in my somewhat small space. 

Greg found a picture just today, of the nativity arranged on his mother’s piano. I think she is pleased that her beautiful art is on display in my home. What an amazing legacy. 

Tomorrow night, thoughts about the movie, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Tonight, I’m enjoying the snowmen in their village and the nativity and Christmas spreading joyfully throughout my home.