Healthy Comfort Food

The words “healthy” and “comfort food” don’t normally go together. However, the dinner I prepared tonight is worthy of the label. I haven’t eaten pasta since I began a plant based diet. Because I also avoid wheat (gluten) and corn (GMO), I have not had regular pasta or the gluten free version, which is usually a corn product. 

Anthony William recently featured a recipe that used brown rice pasta. I was excited! I didn’t know there was such a product. When I found a bag of elbow macaroni made from brown rice, a couple of days ago at my neighborhood grocery store, I purchased it with the intention of trying a healthy pasta dish. 

I adapted a simple to make, basic spaghetti sauce, using healthy ingredients and fresh basil from my garden. Here is the recipe:

I love using herbs from my garden. Next time I make this sauce I will switch out the dried oregano for fresh, which I also grow. As the spaghetti sauce simmered and the pasta cooked using a low energy method (bring water and pasta to a boil. Cook for 2 minutes then turn off heat and cover pan for 18 minutes) I stepped out into the garden to water plants in containers and watch the sun set. 

The kitchen smelled wonderful as I stepped back inside. My dinner was ready. 

And it was scrumptious. I liked the brown rice pasta which has a subtly different flavor. However I found that an improvement. And the spaghetti sauce was amazing. It has just the right amount of seasoning. 

I tucked a tiny sprig of fresh basil into a generous portion of macaroni with spaghetti sauce and savored my meal. I have plenty of left over sauce to spoon over more brown rice pasta or to create a delicious new recipe with.

I am loving this healthy way of nurturing myself.