Thanksgiving Eve Gratitudes

At this late hour, I’ve completed food prep for tomorrow and cleaned up the wonderful messes I make as I cook. I look forward to getting to bed and to a fun day with family tomorrow. The Thanksgiving Eve Gratitudes post will therefore be brief, but no less full of joy and thankfulness for the day.

Thanksgiving Eve Gratitudes

O Christmas Tree

I took advantage of mild temperatures this afternoon and snagged a Christmas tree. For the first time, I debated whether to purchase a freshly cut tree this year. I have green, living plants in the house, including two small evergreen type trees that could serve as Christmas trees.

However, I really enjoy the scent and the sight of a fresh tree, although I’ve downsized in recent years to trees that stand six feet tall. The thought of not having a tree made me feel sad, and that won’t do. I purchased a little beauty that I’ll decorate over the weekend. I’m grateful for the sunny weather today and for the great selection of trees at Lowe’s Garden Center.

Thanksgiving Eve Gratitudes

Free Movie with MoviePass

I’m a member of MoviePass, which means for $9.95 a month I can watch up to three movies per month, for free. This service has changed considerably since I joined last January. I recently wrote to the company and expressed concern about limited movie availability. I received a gracious reply and availability increased shortly thereafter.

When I checked the app today, I saw Bohemian Rhapsody was a free choice. I’ve seen the film, paid for that viewing, and loved the biopic so much that I had decided if it came up as a freebie, I’d be seeing it again. This day was full. However thanks to some planning, and Greg taking care of an errand for me, I was able to squeeze in a mid afternoon show. I’m so grateful for my MoviePass card and another opportunity to watch this incredible movie.

Thanksgiving Eve Gratitudes

Bohemian Rhapsody Soundtrack

After enjoying the second viewing of Bohemian Rhapsody, on this Thanksgiving Eve, I downloaded the soundtrack to my phone. Movie soundtracks are one of my favorite genres. Listening to the flow of songs reminds me of the corresponding scenes from the film.

The Bohemian Rhapsody soundtrack features 22 Queen songs. I love to have music playing anytime I’m cooking or cleaning in the kitchen. Tonight as I prepped food for tomorrow, I rocked out to Queen, singing my heart out. Freddie Mercury would either cringe…or be proud! I continue to feel gratitude for this extraordinary man who lived out his truth.

Thanksgiving Eve Gratitudes

Thanksgiving Eve Food Prep

Listening to Queen made my cooking tasks flow smoothly. In a couple of hours, I prepared five dishes that will go to my daughter’s house tomorrow. The stuffed acorn squash was already prepped and in the fridge, ready to go.

This evening I made a chopped veggie salad, black bean and corn salsa, raw cranberry relish, vegan wacky cupcakes and vegan pumpkin bread. I’m grateful for vibrant food and healthy treat options, and for the opportunity to gather with my children and grandchildren tomorrow.

Thanksgiving Eve Gratitudes

Thanksgiving Eve Full Moon

I had to slip outside and attempt a photo of the gorgeous full moon. The iPhone camera has a difficult time focusing on an object that is so far away. The photo doesn’t adequately capture the moon’s beauty.

However, I appreciated the sight and felt uplifted. My name, Cynthia, is the Greek form of the moon goddess Artemis. Perhaps because of that, I’ve always felt a connection to the silvery moon. It does not shine with its own light, but reflects the sun’s brilliance. I like that too. My desire is to be a reflector of light and honor my name.

I stood for a moment, gazing up at the moon. My heart overflowed with the gratitudes for this day, and also for the many blessings in my life. As this month of expressing daily gratitudes winds down, I am truly thankful for the heightened awareness and a greater perspective that this journey has brought.

Happy Thanksgiving Eve.

Thanksgiving Eve Gratitudes