Smaller Clothes

I wanted to title today’s post: Top Benefits from the Healing Cleanse – #5 Smaller Clothes. However while accurate, that title seemed a bit long and cumbersome! So I shortened it. I’m in the final days of the healing cleanse. For the next five days I’ll be sharing the benefits that I’ve received as a result of my month long journey, one each day. 

And coming in at number five is…smaller clothes. 

I didn’t begin this healing journey with the intention of losing weight. But let’s think about it. I’ve eliminated sugar, meat, eggs, dairy and gluten from my diet and focused on consuming fresh fruits and vegetables. Weight loss was bound to happen, and it did. I’ve considered it a side benefit from eating healthy, nutritious foods. 

When my jeans got so loose that it became a struggle to keep them up, it was time to purchase a new pair. I’m not an avid shopper. I’d much rather be in my garden than in the mall. But this was fun, in an encouraging kind of way. I visited one of my favorite clothing stores, Cato, and carried back an armload of jeans and shirts to try on in the dressing room. 

I was happy with the results, and I don’t often say that when I’m out clothes shopping. I bought one pair of jeans and two shirts, in smaller sizes, because my health journey is far from over. But at least I don’t have to be concerned about my pants falling down in public! 

My focus will not be on weight loss. I don’t want a relationship with my bathroom scale. It does not get to determine what kind of day I’m going to have. I will continue to support my body in being the healthiest that she can be. I trust that as I heal, and maintain great eating habits, my body will naturally find her ideal weight.

I am discovering that my body wants to be healthy and knows how to find balance. My part is to make sure I’m providing the most nutritious foods possible. I can do that.