Day 46: Walk the Crystal Bridges Trails


Today was gorgeous. The sun shone, the afternoon temperature reached 60 degrees, and there was a hint of spring in the air. It was a perfect day for being outdoors. Today’s first allowed me to do that, as I walked the trails at the Crystal Bridges Museum Complex in Bentonville, AR.

I visited the museum once before and it is an impressive place. I was there shortly after Crystal Bridges opened. The grounds were not completed yet so it has been my intention to go back and explore the trails that wind through the woods surrounding the beautiful buildings. Today that intention was realized.

Greg accompanied me and we enjoyed our leisurely hike. The trees were bare of leaves and the earth slumbered still in winter’s embrace but there was beauty in such starkness. Nothing centers me and brings me into the present moment more simply than walking in the woods. Nature called to me and there were so many interesting rocks, plants and trees to look at. One of my favorite spots was the site of the Crystal Spring. It is fascinating to watch water bubble up out of nowhere, seemingly, and see the trickle of water become a small stream as it courses along, pooling into larger bodies of water. I could sit for hours and lose myself in the gurgling sound of moving water.

Another wonderful spot was on a hillside high above the museum complex, aptly called The Overlook. Stone benches provided seating and we rested and drank bottled water and shared a piece of fruit. As we gazed down upon the scene below, there was a crashing sound behind us. Glancing around we watched with delight as 6 deer ran past, following a barely discernible trail through the woods. They were such beautiful animals, there for an instant, and then gone.

I was very inspired, walking the trails at Crystal Bridges. I intend to own land one day soon. I want to create trails that allow the hiker to appreciate nature, reflect as they walk, and occasionally be surprised by whimsical statues or amazing views that appear just around the next curve in the path. I saw today that it is possible to transform a piece of wooded land into an enchanting outdoor sanctuary. My heart and soul responded with a resounding “Yes” to all I saw this afternoon, and to the adventure that beckons to me.