Day 222: Train to Edinburgh


Today we traveled across the country of Scotland, from Glasgow to Edinburgh. I enjoyed my time in Glasgow. The people were warm and friendly and helpful. I enjoyed chatting with Colm, our wonderful concierge, the man at the kilt shop who directed us to our first Scottish pub, and Ian, our fun tour guide who introduced me to the Highlands. Glasgow is an interesting city with much to see and do and a very active night life. I only know that from walking back to the hotel after dinner each evening!

We bid the city farewell at the Queens Street Station as we boarded a train bound for Edinburgh. I loved traveling by train. Huge windows on either side of the cars offered splendid views of the countryside. Inside the train car, I enjoyed watching a family, also headed to Edinburgh. Their brogues added so much charm to the conversation between the mother and her wee son, Miles, who I guessed to be about three years old. I’m in a different country, where the people speak with a delightful accent and use different words, and yet family life is family life, everywhere. The mom and dad were taking their two girls and their boy to have a fun couple of days in the capital city before the summer holiday ends and school begins again. I smiled many times over the antics of the children and admired the patience of the parents.

In an hour we were getting our first glimpse of Edinburgh! I spotted the castle as we entered the train station. We will visit Edinburgh Castle tomorrow or possibly Tues. It is raining today. Not a heavy rain but a steady gentle rain. We opted for a cab ride to Halcyon House, where we will be in residence for the next three days.

What a charming place is Halcyon House. It has the feel of a bed & breakfast. The establishment is located in a long row of connected hotels, much like townhouses, on a quaint street not far from the Royal Mile. I was thrilled to get to the room and see a walled garden behind the the house. I will be exploring and enjoying that garden during my stay here.

Mindy and I had our cup of afternoon tea in the beautiful lounge provided by the hotel. By the time we left to walk around the area, it was dinner time. At the recommendation of the gentleman at Halcyon House, we wandered down the hill to Elm Street where there were many small restaurants to choose from. We’ve selected a different type of restaurant each evening. Tonight we dined at a small Chinese restaurant, where our meals were extremely good! We have yet to eat haggis, but we are saving that experience for Lauder, Scotland.

I am sitting in the lounge, typing this blog post on my phone. Out the large window, the rain continues to fall softly and beyond the street there is a park and more streets with ancient buildings lining them. Edinburgh has the feel of antiquity. The buildings in this part of the city, called Old Town, are made of stone. It boggles my mind to think about how many years this town has existed. Tomorrow, we have much to do and see as we explore Edinburgh. In this moment, however, I am so content to sit here by the window and be lulled into daydreams by the rain.