Urban Air Adventure Park

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Recently my sisters and I met in Tulsa, Oklahoma, at Urban Air Adventure Park. Different family members accompanied each of us, an assortment of grown kids and grandchildren.

As COVID cases in the area remain low, it’s been wonderful for restrictions to ease. My group, consisting of Greg and our son Nate and granddaughter Aubrey, enjoyed a little road trip from Joplin to Tulsa, for some fun at this unique and wildly fun indoor adventure park.

Urban Air Adventure Park title meme

What is Urban Air Adventure Park?

Urban Air is the ultimate indoor adventure park. The park features activities and attractions for all ages, from toddlers to adults.

The company launched seven years ago, in Southlake, Texas. Founder Michael Browning partnered with his wife and parents. He had an idea and a commitment to making that idea work.

Michael wanted to offer a park with activities that included climbing, jumping, running, throwing…physical movement that children and their parents could enjoy together.

As he continued to refine his concept, Michael successfully created a franchise that now has more than 1,000 adventure parks in 200 locations across the US.

In my area, Tulsa, Oklahoma and Springfield, Missouri both have Urban Air parks.

Urban Air Adventure Park Aubs and London
Urban Air Adventure Park – cousins Aubrey and London on the ropes course

What Can You Do at Urban Air Adventure Park?

Each location may vary slightly in what’s offered. I’ve only visited the Tulsa location…so far. Located at 3328 E 51st Street, participants can enjoy next level play in these areas:

Adventure Hub – featuring Sky Rider Coaster (zip line), Ropes Course and Tubes Indoor Playground. Height restrictions may apply for the Sky Rider and Ropes Course.

Wipeout – be the last person standing in this fun…and funny…competition. Most of our group tried this, together. They ALL went down!

Urban Air Adventure Park ropes course
Urban Air Adventure Park – ropes course

Virtual Reality – strap on a headset in this section and step inside a new, high end universe.

Climbing Walls – harness up and reach new heights on these walls. Must be 41 inches tall to climb.

Leap of Faith – climb to the top of a platform, take a deep breath and then…leap to the hanging pendulum.

Trapeze – experience the thrill of the flying trapeze

Slam Dunk Zone – show off your favorite dunk moves here where basketball and trampolines meet

Warrior Course – become a ninja and attempt this challenging obstacle course. Must be 41 inches tall.

Urban Air Adventure Park warrior course
Urban Air Adventure Park – warrior obstacle course

What else?

Kids Area 7 & Under – wall to wall trampolines for the youngest family members, with no big kids allowed!

DropZone – practice flips, spins and acrobatics here. A giant inflated airbag catches you.

ProZone Performance Trampolines – defy gravity in this room by bouncing from the trampolines to the walls

Urban Air Adventure Park gravity is overrated
Urban Air Adventure Park – ProZone Performance Trampolines

Dodgeball – dodgeball plus trampolines? Yes! This is the ultimate dodgeball experience.

Runway Tumble Track – Flip, twist and back handspring down the runway. This area is the perfect practice spot for gymnasts, cheerleaders or aspiring ninjas.

APEX Trampolines – This big room contains trampolines on the floor and walls

Cafe – take a break and grab a snack or drink here. Cafe style tables are set up in this area plus picnic tables are scattered throughout the interior.

Birthday Parties – for the BEST birthday party ever, let the Party Reservation Specialists handle all the details.

Urban Air Adventure Park beam battle
Urban Air Adventure Park – battle beams, London vs Kaleb

Our Experience

We all had a blast at Urban Air Adventure Park, adults and children. For the older family members, the high up Sky Rider zip line and the ropes course were favorites. The younger kids enjoyed the Tubes Playground, the Warrior Course and of course, all of the trampolines.

Aubrey and London, who were the impetus for this family gathering, paired off and explored the whole park. It’s a safe place for children to roam and play.

Members of our family fought it out on the battle beams, with hilarious results. And a big group attempted to remain standing during Wipeout.

Urban Air Adventure Park Ethan
Urban Air Adventure Park – Ethan with the Adventure Hub behind him

Check out Aubrey on the Sky Rider

Find Your Nearest Urban Air Adventure Park

Check out the franchise’s main website HERE to find the adventure park nearest you.

The Tulsa location is currently open everyday, 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm Monday – Thursday, 12:00 pm to 10:00 pm Friday, 10:00 am to 10:00 pm Saturday and 12:00 pm to 7:00 pm Sunday.

Parents or legal guardians must sign a waiver before children may participate. And there are a variety of attraction packages available that range in price from $14.99 to $29.99. Parents may purchase a Parent Pass for $5.99 and join their children in activities.

The Tulsa Urban Air offers weekly activities as well. Check out their online calendar for days and times.

I highly recommend Urban Air Adventure Park. It’s a fun way to spend time together as a family.

Do you have an Urban Air near you?

son and granddaughter
Son Nate and granddaughter Aubrey

Check out my review of Soar Trampoline Park, for a fun Joplin option.



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Business Review: Soar Trampoline Park

This was the last day of school for three of my grandkids, with an early out day to kick off the summer break. I picked Joey, Oliver and Aubrey up from school and heard about their last day as sixth, fourth and third graders.

After dropping off backpacks at home, we launched into fun mode with a trip to Soar Trampoline Park, located at 1502 S Madison in Webb City Missouri. The kids have been to this unique park several times, however it was a first visit for me. I was excited to check this place out.

Business Review Soar Trampoline Park

We arrived at Soar just after they opened for the afternoon. A steady stream of enthusiastic kids filed into the lobby area. Happy to be out of school, happy for an hour or two of unbridled free jumping, the throng of kids brought a lively, contagious energy into the building.

As we waited in line for wrist bands, I looked around. The large warehouse style interior was brilliantly lit and decorated in purple, lime green and dark blue. The area was divided into sections. There was a large foam pit and a scaled down version for small children, a dodge ball arena, basketball hoops, a room with a swinging air filled plank to jump over and a huge free form area with platforms, all equipped with trampolines in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Business Review Soar Trampoline Park

Business Review Soar Trampoline Park

My grandkids bounded away as soon as they had their wrist bands on. I declined to jump, but I strolled through the facility, snapping pics, watching the kids, and laughing as they flipped and somersaulted and bounced high into the air.

Business Review Soar Trampoline Park

Business Review Soar Trampoline Park

Business Review Soar Trampoline Park

Joey spent most of his time in the dodge ball arena. Two staff members watched over the games, helping to divide the players into teams and calling out when a player was hit by a ball and eliminated. Joey was an excellent team member. Watch him for a few seconds HERE.

Oliver divided his time among several areas. He enjoyed playing dodge ball with Joey, spent time jumping with Aubrey and struck out on his own, leaping into the foam block pit. Catch him HERE. He’s the second child who shows up in the video, and Aubrey is in the background at the end.

And Aubrey stayed in the free form area. She instantly made friends, as she often does. The girls practiced backflips, cartwheels and somersaults. Aubrey was in cheerleader mode, prepping for football season this fall. Watch her moves HERE.

Business Review Soar Trampoline Park

Business Review Soar Trampoline ParkIt gets intense in the dodgeball court but it’s all good fun.

We had a fun afternoon. I enjoyed watching the kids as they celebrated the beginning of summer. I was extremely impressed with Soar Trampoline Park. The staff members were all friendly and helpful and very safety minded. The facility was bright, clean and in great condition. And it looks like they will be expanding soon, adding a ninja obstacle course.

Soar will begin their summer hours, opening earlier in the day, on June 5. They have weekly specials and host birthday parties. Visit their Facebook page for more details, or their website HERE.

I would have loved a trampoline park such as this one, as a child. I was always climbing and jumping and trying flips and stunts. Soar provides a fun and safe environment for kids, or an adult’s inner child, to move energy and jump, jump, JUMP! We will be back.

Business Review Soar Trampoline Park