Journey 162: Joplin to Philadelphia 


Today’s journey has been a long one as I made my way from Joplin MO to Philadelphia, via Dallas/Fort Worth. It’s the first time I’ve flown out of Joplin’s new airport. 

I was glad to learn business is doing well there, with two flights out a day to the Dallas airport, on American Airlines. DFW Airport is HUGE. I had to take the Skylink to move from one terminal to another. I had the opportunity to help a young woman from Joplin locate the correct terminal and gate. It was her second time to fly and first time through the massive Dallas airport. 


I was excited as the plane climbed into the air and Texas dropped away. I’ve only flown out east one other time. I read to pass the time, with frequent bouts of gazing out the window. It was beautiful, soaring above the clouds, and we only encountered mild turbulence as the plane skirted a thunderstorm. The towering clouds were gorgeous. 

The sun slipped over the horizon and darkness fell. I put my book away and watched as lights flickered on far, far below. What a magical time. The lights captured my attention and my imagination. They spoke of life below, and became to me little beacons of hope. 

Philadelphia sparkled and glittered like scattered jewels as we approached the city. It was a smooth landing and ta da…here I am. I’m grateful to Lu Ann and her husband Phil for picking me up. And anticipating the new day. Welcome, me, to the City of Brotherly Love!