The Next Adventure Begins

The last day before my next adventure was full of real estate related work, which was fine. I am grateful for amazing clients and a bustling business. And…everywhere I went today, the question I was asked was “Are you packed yet?”

The simple answer was…no!

I started packing about 8:00 this evening as work wound down and fresh clean clothes began coming out of the dryer. As I rolled clothes and tucked them into my carry on, the excitement that has been building for the last week bubbled up. It is almost adventure time!

My post is brief tonight, as I still have a couple of real estate emails to send and a few things yet to cross off my “to do before I go” list before I sleep. However, I am smiling as I write this post. I can’t help it. My wandering heart gets to venture forth, starting tomorrow.

The beginning of the packing process…piles of clean laundry and an empty suitcase.

Keeping an eye on the final work for the day.

Tomorrow’s simple travel clothes laid out and ready to wear. I’m excited to carry the plaid poncho onto the plane and let it double as a blanket.

Young Living Essential Tangerine Oil in the diffuser keeps my energy up.

All packed, in a carry on: one pair of jeans, two jackets, pjs, a pair of walking shoes, a dozen pairs of socks, a dozen undies, two bras, thirteen shirts, supplements, a clear makeup case with my BOOMstick trio and essentials such as a toothbrush and comb, and my quart sized zip lock bag with travel sized liquids such as shower gel, lotion and toothpaste. There is room yet for a few more items after my morning shower.

I have several new shirts from Solgave that I look forward to wearing on the trip. This one expresses well where I am in my life journey: having fun and following my heart and living with No Regrets. I am doing what I want to do, and living large, so that at the end of my journey those words will be my epitaph.

Fifteen hours and counting. The next adventure begins!

Packing for 11 Days in a Carry On

As children, we use playing as a way to learn. So we pretend to drive, practice parenting skills with baby dolls, stand before imaginary classrooms as the teacher. I have often used playing as a trial run for an upcoming event. When I worked in my uncle’s firework stand as a young teen, I first set up a mock store to role play waiting on customers and making change.

Tonight, I played. Exactly one month from today, my daughter Elissa, grandson Dayan and I will be aboard a plane, heading to Italy. I practiced packing for the 11 day trip.

Packing for 11 Days in a Carry On
My daughter, grandson and I all agreed…we want to travel light. When I visited Scotland in 2014, I made a mistake. I took a huge suitcase for that 10 day trip. I immediately regretted it. The monstrous piece of luggage was cumbersome, difficult to navigate with through crowded airports and train stations, and impossible to lug up flights of stairs. I hurt my back dragging the thing behind me. I vowed to travel with a carry on next time.

It is the “next time”, as I prepare to take my grandson to his dream destination for his graduation gift.

But could I really get 11 days of clothing plus toiletries and a couple of extra items in a suitcase that measures 22x14x9? I decided to find out.

Packing for 11 Days in a Carry On
First problem…my old carry on is 1/2″ too big! The airline we are flying on specifies carry ons cannot exceed 22″, including the wheels and handles. Mine is slightly too tall with the handle included. I’ll be purchasing a new carry on. This is why I play ahead of time! For tonight’s experiment, I used the suitcase I have to practice packing.

Packing for 11 Days in a Carry On
All of these clothes….

Packing for 11 Days in a Carry On
…need to fit in here. Everything I’ve read suggested rolling clothes, rather than folding. Let’s see if it wotks.

Packing for 11 Days in a Carry On
I layered PJ top and bottoms together and rolled them up.

Packing for 11 Days in a Carry On

I’m only taking one extra pair of shoes. Those went on the bottom, against the side. Heavier or bulkier clothes such as jackets, a cardigan and capris formed the bottom layer.

Packing for 11 Days in a Carry On
I used underwear and socks to fill in the gaps on the bottom layer. They all found a place to tuck into.

Packing for 11 Days in a Carry On
I worked on the tops next. Short sleeved shirts rolled up quite small. I rolled as tightly as I could, starting at the bottom of each shirt.

Packing for 11 Days in a Carry On
All of my tops formed the second layer. There was plenty of room left for toiletries, a journal and a map. And I hadn’t even used the many pockets or the mesh section. I can easily stash a hair straightener, phone charger, and electrical adapters in my suitcase’s pockets.

In my carry on I was able to pack one pair of shoes, one pair of PJs, a pair of capris, a lightweight jacket, a long cardigan sweater, 11 tops, and 11 days worth of underwear and socks. Of course, I’ll be wearing clothes too…jeans, a top, walking shoes and perhaps a long sleeved jacket in case the plane is chilly.

I am thrilled with my play time! I discovered I need to purchase a slightly smaller carry on. And that it is possible to pack for an extended trip in a carry on.

One month, and what I pretended doing tonight will be reality. Four months and one week from today, I’ll do this again as I travel to Ireland, Scotland and England with my mom, sisters and niece.

Can you tell I am scratching an itch, having been bitten by the travel bug? I am so excited to see new places!

This is the carry on I will be ordering!

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