Day 207: First Purchases for Scotland Trip

Purchases for Scotland trip 2e

Today’s first, although small in the grand scope of things, was exciting for me. With my trip to Scotland only 11 days away, I started on my list of items to purchase. I’m not one who enjoys shopping. However, searching for and finding specific things related to the trip was fun and heightened my anticipation.

The first item to get crossed off the list was a good pair of walking shoes. My cousins and I intend to go where our hearts lead us while in Scotland. We will make use of public transportation for outlying day trips, but for the most part, we will be exploring Scotland on our feet! I have other shoes that I’ll pack also, but I splurged on a very comfortable, very supportive pair of shoes that I hope will serve me well.

I also purchased an international converter and plug in set. With a cell phone to charge and the feminine necessities of hair dryer and straightener accompanying me, I had to have these items. My laptop computer is staying home, so my iPhone will be important, not only for staying in touch with family and clients while I’m away, but for staying up to date on my blog. There will be many, many firsts during this trip, indeed, the entire journey will be a huge first. I hope to be able to pick one or two new experiences each day to blog about. While I was out shopping, I talked to a representative at AT&T about adding an international plan. I got the info I needed concerning texting, calling and data plans. It would appear the best data plan is to make use of the hotels free wi-fi service!

I picked up a brightly colored luggage tag for my big black suitcase. I discovered on a trip to California that many people have large black suitcases. Waiting at the airport for luggage is challenging when so many identical suitcases spin by. I’m hoping the green tag will alert me and I can locate my luggage quickly. I wanted a plaid or tartan tag. Perhaps I can find one in Scotland.

My last purchases today were a couple of shirts, from Cato. I’ve been watching the weather in Scotland. Although this is summer for them, as it is for me, their temperatures are much lower than Missouri’s scorching heat. Today’s high in the Borders was a brisk 66 degrees, with a low of 49. I’ll mostly wear jeans and assorted shirts. With the cooler temps, I’m selecting tops with sleeves that can roll up or stay down and shirts that can be layered together if it’s really cool. I’m also searching for a lightweight, waterproof jacket to purchase. I’ve only found one so far and held off buying it until I’ve exhausted other options. Apparently, it’s just a little early here in Joplin to be shopping for a jacket.

I have more items to buy, but this was a start. I am so excited about my upcoming trip. In fact, I am so excited I am having trouble sleeping at night. My mind takes off and in my imagination, I’m already there, exploring, meeting people, experiencing so many new things. I have to bring myself back, gently, to the present moment and relax, and allow myself to enjoy, for now, the mounting anticipation. Very soon, it will be time to fly to the homeland that I have never seen, and discover what draws me, compels me, to Scotland. I’m a patient person, normally. I can wait. But just barely!

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