Wreck this Journal

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Have you heard of the Wreck this Journal book?

Me either, until my granddaughter Aubrey introduced me to it. This creative kid ordered the book for herself and couldn’t wait to show me this unique twist on journaling.

Not only did Aubrey want to share her journal-in-progress with me, she felt sure I’d enjoy owning such a book myself. I loved the idea of working through our journals together. To encourage our Yaya/grandchild adventure, Greg purchased the book for me!

Aubrey is right. This is not your typical journal. It breaks the rules and pushes us beyond our comfort zones in the process. And, it is extraordinarily fun!

Wreck This Journal Title Meme

About Wreck this Journal

Created by conceptual artist and author Keri Smith, this paperback book is part journal, part sketch pad and part scrapbook. On each page a suggestion offers ideas on how to use the book.

“Document your dinner. Rub, smear, splatter your food. Use this page as a napkin.”

“Poke holes in this page, using a pencil.”

“Write or draw with your left hand.”

“Hide this page in your neighbor’s yard.”

“Tear this page out. Put it in your pocket. Put it through the wash. Stick it back in.”

The idea is to free up creativity by doing things that may at first induce a bit of discomfort, especially for adults. As children, we are not taught to wreck books, and of course this journal is not teaching disrespect. Instead, it encourages free thinking, expressiveness and outside the box activities.

Wreck This Journal Dinner Page

Wreck This Journal Dirt Page

Wreck This Journal, Express Creativity

There are pages in the Wreck This Journal book for doodling and drawing. Colored pencils, markers, crayons and watercolor paints are perfect for completing these pages. One page encourages the use of lots of tape. Many pages come with instructions to tear out the page or rip or poke or cut through the paper. Others urge the owner to get messy….with food, liquids or dirt.

Beyond the simple instructions on each page, the book owner is free to carry out the mission in any way that she or he chooses. Part of the fun of this journal is letting the imagination run wild and being clever in completing the activities.

If you need inspiration there are a ton of YouTube videos and photos online in which journal owners share their own creative ideas. Aubrey and I enjoy doing some pages together and having FaceTime chats on our phones where we show each other what pages we’ve completed that day. We discuss ideas too or come up with some outrageous way to accomplish a wacky activity.

Wreck This Journal Stickers

Wrecfk This Journal Pressed Page

Wreck This Journal and Go Beyond Your Comfort Zone

I love that Wreck This Journal teaches the idea of going beyond, on several levels.

It encourages creativity, trying new experiences and getting out of our comfort zones. I know, from personal experience, that doing those three things opens up perspectives and broadens the mind. Expressing creativity is an invitation for inspiration to show up, with a continual stream of fresh ideas.

This journal delights me because as one who has always treated books with the upmost care, it’s very freeing to toss this one around and deliberately mess it up. I welcome activities that shake up old beliefs and ways of doing things. I’m enjoying the process of messy creation.

My intention is to carry Wreck This Journal to Scotland with me next week…and see what adventures I can have with it there.

My favorite thing about the journal, however, is that my granddaughter knows me so well that she knew I’d be intrigued with this book. Although I’m sure the author had kids and pre-teens in mind when she created the book, the journal is actually suitable for all creatives of all ages. I love the cleverness of it, and Aubrey knew that I would.

Wreck this Journal Aubreys Page 1

 Aubreys Page 2

Pick Up a Copy of Wreck This Journal

I’m grateful for my granddaughter’s recommendation and for the fun we’ve already had, sharing this experience of wrecking a journal, together. Looking for a unique gift for a creative child, teen or adult? Or are you feeling the urge to express creativity in fresh new ways? Aubrey and I highly recommend Wreck This Journal.

Order your copy of Wreck This Journal by clicking on photo above. And enjoy!

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On the Border

One of the thing I’ve enjoyed, since I began blogging in 2014, is trying out new restaurants. Joplin is an average sized city that serves a large rural area. We have a great selection of restaurants, individually owned and those that are part of a franchise. I love when a new place opens up. I get to try it out and write up a review. 

Tonight I visited the recently opened On the Border Mexican Grill, located at 3030 S Range Line, with Greg, my younger daughter Adriel, and her husband Nate. 

On the Border
The first On The Border restaurant opened in Dallas, Texas in 1982. Originally based on sizzling fajitas, frosty margaritas, happy hour and a booming patio, the restaurant has evolved and expanded over time to include a variety of dishes inspired by the cuisines of South Texas and Mexico.

Today, with more than 150 restaurants throughout the United States, On The Border remains passionate about sharing a love for good Mexican food, spirits and fun.

On the Border
The Joplin restaurant was bright, clean and spacious, with a casual dining atmosphere. Our waitress was friendly and attentive. We dined at 6:00 and they had a good crowd there, however there were plenty of tables available still for seating. 

Since adopting a plant based lifestyle, eating out can be challenging. However, restaurants offering Mexican cuisine typically offer some vegetarian options. If nothing else, I can always order veggie fajitas without cheese or the tortillas. 

Adriel and Nate were scanning a menu, checking out vegetarian choices, when Greg and I arrived. I so appreciate the support I have from my family. Everyone, from my mother to my grandchildren, understands my desire to improve my health through the food I eat. They continually encourage me. 

On the Border
On the Border offers several options for plant based diners. I chose a wonderful bowl with black beans, lettuce, cilantro lime rice, grilled red peppers, zucchini and yellow squash and a large portobello mushroom, grilled and sliced. I asked that the queso be omitted and they were happy to honor my request. 

The bowl was delicious! I topped my meal with a little salsa. It was perfect. Portions were generous and the food was fresh and flavorful. I’ll be back, to see what else I can savor from the menu. 

I enjoyed my dinner. And I enjoyed chatting with  Greg, Adriel and Nate, who graciously picked up the tab. It was wonderful to catch up on news and hear about the most recent rescue animal to arrive at these two animal lovers’ house. They found a domestic black and white bunny, wearing a pink collar, running with wild rabbits in their neighborhood. The rabbit went home with them. 

So far efforts to locate her owners have not been successful. I suspect Adriel and Nate have a new pet joining their little menagerie. She will be well cared for, if that’s the case. They are calling her Mildred, as both of these young adults had a Grandma Mildred in their families. 

I love these two compassionate people.  I’m proud to be Adriel’s mom and Nate’s mom-in-law. And they were willing to let me try out a new restaurant tonight. Gracias! 

On the Border

Day 11: Be Left Handed for a Day


According to wellness expert Peggy Hall, to keep our brains healthy and active, we must do things in a way we normally don’t.  She suggests occasionally using the non-dominant hand for everyday tasks. Learning something new or doing something routine in a different way stimulates the brain and creates new neural pathways, improves coordination and mental focus, increases learning and memory, and wakes up all the senses.

Today, I decided to be left handed, instead of right handed. To remind myself not to use my right hand, I wore a bright blue band on that wrist. Tasks that I normally don’t think much about, like brushing my teeth and applying make up, required extra concentration today.  I found that if I consciously allowed my left hand to lead the way, I could flow with it and accomplished what I needed to. Except for writing.  After one attempt, I decided to save writing in my journal for tomorrow.  Since I use two hands to type, that was not a problem.  Texting, however, I do with my right hand only.  Switching to my left slowed me down but I managed.  I also struggled with opening doors for clients today, as the keys just didn’t feel “right” in my left hand!

Several family members are left handed and I have a new appreciation for them.  Our world is oriented for righties, not lefties!  I asked my sister, Debbie, what challenged her most growing up left handed and what was the most fun.  Challenges included writing in a spiral notebook and on a chalkboard.  However, she liked the uniqueness and creativity that came with being left handed, and the surprise tactic of shooting with her left hand in basketball.

I’m relieved to go back to being right handed, although I can imagine all the new pathways that formed in my brain today! The additional benefit with switching hands was that I slowed down, raised my awareness of each moment, and focused more on each task before me.  I had a lovely day.