Surrender 34: Completed Vision Boards

This evening my sister Linda, my mom, and my grandson Dayan gathered with me to complete our vision boards. Or in Dayan’s case, his drawing.  

And just like last week, we enjoyed a time of creativity and lively conversation, as we began the task of gluing images, words and phrases onto the white poster boards. Dayan deftly sketched Egyptian landmarks, artifacts and symbols while contributing to the topic of the moment. We had so much fun, chatting and laughing, that Dayan opted to stay with us this time, rather than going to his youth group. 

I love that three generations of my family can have so much fun together. Somehow the conversation shifted to music. Dayan used his iPhone to play a couple of his current favorites, one of which was Pink’s version of Bohemian Rhapsody. Of course, we sang along. Adele’s widely popular song “Hello” was discussed and a funny video watched. When Linda requested the actual song, well, we put our hearts and souls into that sing-along, and perhaps a few hand motions. Adele would have approved, I’m sure. 


As we finished, we took turns holding our boards up so I could take pictures. Mom started the trend of peeking over or around the edge. Her board features her word for 2016, “Kindness”, and an emphasis on health, fitness, finances and a trip to Ireland. 

Linda’s board has her word for the year, “Courageous “, at the top. She is focusing on fitness, organization, better habits, a trip to Seattle…and her love life apparently! 

My board is pictured below. I am hence forth referring to this yearly practice as creating an awareness board. I’ve realized that I’m capturing who I am, at this moment in my journey, on my board. This is an accurate snapshot of who I am, right now, and what I enjoy, what I dream about. 

My symbol is there, in the middle of a collage of words, quotes and images. My word, “Surrender”, is captured in a couple of quotes. Creativity, writing, coloring, and gardening are all represented. My family is there. And almost half of my board is devoted to travel, with Scotland and Italy pictured as destinations. Rivendell made the board, along with a playful nod to an upcoming adventure in which Dayan and I will meet David Tennant and Billie Piper, from Doctor Who. 

I appreciate my family joining in, in the creative exercise, the conversations and the singing. They created awesome boards and Dayan’s drawing is amazing. I like the way my Awareness Board turned out. It’s a great collage, representing a great journey. Life is great! 


Surrender 15: New Vignettes – 3D Collages

This week, post holiday decor, I’ve gradually been creating fresh vignettes in my vintage pieces. And I had fun with a new piece that I received as a Christmas gift. 

What occurred to me today, as I’ve also been working on my 2016 vision board this week, is the similarity between the two processes. I cut out images and words and arrange them on my board, capturing where I am currently in my journey. All of my dreams, big and small, are represented there as well. 

With the vignettes, I’m taking actual objects and arranging them in an eye pleasing way. These items are fun purchases, cherished heirlooms, repurposed treasures or family mementos that I love. They are pieces of my past, or my family’s past, arranged to tell new stories. 


The vintage suitcase got a new look. From Christmas I reused the old green pitcher with dried eucalyptus and red berries. The small dark red JOY pillow shifted to the suitcase as well. Returning to the suitcase from previous vignettes is the 116 year old china doll, the vintage tea cup and saucer, the trio of porcelain birds and the ruby red and dark green bud vases. A white candle and newspaper bird garland completed this freshened up look. 

I received this awesome wooden chest as a Christmas gift from my son Nate and daughter-in-law Megan. It is perfect for holding my growing collection of colored pencils and a couple of Daria Song coloring books. To complete the grouping I added an old photo of my Lauderdale grandparents, on their wedding day I believe. And an amber glass bud vase and candle holder that belonged to Greg’s mother. 


And finally, the vintage wooden sieve was redone. This is where the flow of life guided me. I added a white glass pitcher with rusty jingle bells and red berry picks that I repurposed from Christmas. A pair of plump white  birds are nestled on a vintage lace doily. I envisioned paperwhites growing from a pot, for the final piece. 

I often purchase these bulbs before the holidays and by Christmas the delicate, fragrant white flowers are in bloom. But I didn’t buy any this year, and suddenly, I wished I had. I could see, in my mind, that paperwhites would be the perfect accent for my sieve. 

I had to pick up a few groceries at the market and while there, I noticed a display of Christmas amaryllis kits marked down considerably. Interested I wheeled my cart over, and discovered ONE paperwhites kit, which included a pot, soil, moss and six bulbs. Those were surely my paperwhites! The bulbs were already sprouting, and in just a few days, they have grown tall and have blooms appearing. 

I love when a thought so quickly manifests into reality. And I was right! The paperwhites look perfect in the vignette. 



Surrender 11: Vision as Art

Tonight I began working on my 2016 vision board. I met Linda, my sister, at our mom’s house. Mom not only joined in the process of creating a board, she fed us too! We each enjoyed a stack of pancakes with warm maple syrup before clearing the table and hauling out the magazines. 


I love creating a yearly vision board, which is a collage of pictures and words that captures my dreams and goals for the upcoming months. I include my word and symbol for the year. And I search through magazines for those pictures and phrases that represent the vision I am casting.

My sister and mom began creating boards with me a couple of years ago. I cherish these evenings of companionably browsing through a variety of publications, chatting about what we are searching for, sharing our life journeys. We laugh, and tell stories, and help each other find specific words or images. 

Kindness is my mom’s word for 2016 and she located it quickly, adding the cutout to her stash. Linda hasn’t found her word, Courageous, yet. And I’m still searching for Surrender. I may have to print my word out after typing it on my computer. We giggled when Mom happily exclaimed over the word Gorgeous as she cut around it. Of course it will go on her board! My mother is a gorgeous woman, inside and out. 


We did not finish our boards this evening. It will take at least one more evening together and maybe two. The surrender for me is allowing it to take as long as it takes. There was a time when I felt I had to complete my vision board before the new year started. It became one more task to squeeze into the last week of December and I often rushed to complete the board. 

Now I enjoy the process and let the board come together as it will. If it takes the whole month of January, that’s fine. If the creation of it takes longer than that, it’s still not a problem. The board will be on view in my studio all year.

I have images to print out that I collected as I worked through The Artist’s Way. These will be added to my board and I marvel at the perfect timing of doing those chapters as the new year approached. I’m very aware that my board is shifting, as I am shifting. I’m playing around with calling it by another name. But for now, a vision board it is. 

I recognize that vision is art as well, a way of seeing beyond what is currently in front of me. I am making the invisible, visible. 


Journey 32: Vision Board 2015

vision board 2015

This is the latest I have ever completed a vision board. I normally have my new board hanging up by the end of the first week in January. However, in keeping with allowing things to flow as they will, and allowing space to be filled at the right time, apparently the last week in January was the perfect time to complete this activity.

I enjoy making vision boards. They help me focus on my intentions and feel into my heart and soul as I am drawn to pictures and words and phrases in magazines. When something grabs my attention, I cut it out and set it aside. Only after I have cut out plenty of words, phrases and pictures do I begin the process of gluing the cut outs to a piece of poster board. The last two years, my mom and sister Linda have joined me in creating a vision board, and we met today to complete our projects. Each of us have different intentions, different dreams and desires, so it is encouraging and interesting to work companionably together, chatting while we look through magazines, laughing over a picture or article, or sharing a story around what we are looking for.

vision board 2015 open door and journey

The vision board came together well. I believe this is the first time I have exclusively used pictures and words from magazines. I have in the past printed out images and typed phrases from the computer, to fill in my board. This year, I actually found everything offline that I wanted to include. And so an open door occupies a central spot on my board, with my word, Journey pasted above, in a Celtic script.

vision board 2015 travel

My board shifted dramatically this year, mirroring my path. Almost a fourth of my board is devoted to travel, with the three countries of New Zealand, Scotland and Italy represented. Although I had the joy of visiting Scotland last year, I included it again along with the words “Edinburgh Self-catering apartments”, to signify my desire to live in that magnificent city at least part of the year. Italy is a planned trip, for 2017, and will be Dayan’s graduation excursion. New Zealand is there because I so want to visit this gorgeous country, which is as close to Middle Earth as I can get!

vision board 2015 garden

There are pictures of restful spaces, gardens and herbs on my board, representative of my desire for a simple, beautiful life. Huge sections of my backyard were transformed last year, creating a restorative peaceful place to meditate and work and play. There is more to do this year and I’m excited about the continuing transformation. I love the quote on my vision board about creating a special environment in order to catch extraordinary moments. My home and gardens offer me an opportunity to create such spaces, capture such moments. And the quote from Winston Churchill about the journey is perfect as well.

vision board 2015 quote

What is missing this year from my board is any reference to real estate. Instead of a whole section being devoted to work, there is a simple sentence, “Grow your passion and career” which leaves ample, delicious room for my life and career path to head in any direction. I’m not leaving real estate…yet…however, I am very open to where this year’s journey will take me. The simple, yet powerful, reminder to grow my passion and career is strategically placed near a cut out of Elizabeth Gilbert, who so inspires me with her writing and the sharing of her authentic life. It is amazing, and serendipitous, that I found a picture of Liz in a magazine! I think my mom actually found her….a benefit of working together to create.

vision board 2015 grow your passion

Also missing from my board are reminders to exercise and diet. I have a simple grouping of healthy foods near the words “Yoga” and “Natural Health”. Yoga is symbolic of all my methods of moving for health’s sake, including tai chi and Zumba.

I am pleased with the vision board. It now hangs in a very visual spot in my home office that is transforming into a meditation/reading/writing room. Looking at the board brings me a sense of peace and trust that all is unfolding in my life exactly as it should. It puts my intentions out there, into the universe and the hands of the Divine, and I can rest in knowing that energy has gone out and will return to me, bearing fruit. Nelson Mandela said, “Action without vision is only passing time, vision without action is daydreaming, but vision with action can change the world.” I have my vision. I am open to taking the actions that flow to me, to further my vision. Sometimes, the action is as simple as saying “YES”. I am changing my world, being changed. What joy there is, in the journey.

vision board 2015 journey quote

Day 8: 2014 Vision Board


This is not my first vision board.  I’ve been creating vision boards for 10 years.  However, this is my first vision board for 2014!  I have never created this particular board before, at this time in my life. 

I love vision boards.  The process allows me to tune in to my desires for the upcoming year.  As I hold that vision and begin looking through magazines to find a visual representation of that thought, I am amazed at how the images show up.  It’s fun for me and inspiring and at the end I have a board to hang in my home office that I can look at multiple times a day.

My boards have changed over the years, as I have discovered more about who I am.  My early vision boards focused primarily on business and business goals.  There’s nothing wrong with that and this year’s board has a corner devoted to real estate.  Gone, though, are the goals that  specified number of transactions and volume.  My focus has shifted to personal growth and my vision boards the last couple of years have reflected that.  What I found last year, was that being intentional about my personal growth caused my business to grow too.

I’m excited about this year of moving beyond my limitations and boundaries….and my new vision board that captures that intention!