Journey 49: Word Swag

word swag tea cup

My journey this evening was inspired by the desire to create. I enjoy posting quotes with accompanying pictures on Facebook and often use my own photos. I’ve seen interesting or funny memes, which by definition are concepts or catchphrases that are spread through social media, person to person. And I’ve seen the photos of others with text inserted into the pictures. I’ve played around with Paint on my computer, attempting to create a good design, with moderate success.

However, thanks to a recommendation in a Facebook post last week, I was introduced to a very fun app called Word Swag. This app, which was created by Ben Wong in 2013, allows the user to create beautiful photo text designs, simply. Creating fresh font and layout combinations each time it is used, Word Swag makes it easy for quotes and pictures look good. As their tag line says, “It’s like having a graphic designer in your pocket.”

I downloaded the app yesterday, spending $3.99 for the upgraded version. An opportunity to try it out presented itself this evening. I intended to create one custom layout. I had so much fun, that I created four! I am already a fan, and even wrote a very brief review online. There are many options to choose from, in creating just the right look, and changes are accomplished with the tap of the screen. I like this app! And I look forward to creating my own designs, using favorite quotes, and perhaps some of my own bits of wisdom, combined with photos I have taken.

My first creation is pictured above, and the rest are below. I love it when an app works as promised. In my opinion, this one goes beyond expectations, and that’s even better!

word swag traveller

word swag garden

word swag door