Journey 314: Sergeant Moore

Today’s journey was one that touched my mother’s heart. I had the joy and honor of being present for a ceremony in which my son Nate received his sergeant’s stripes and badge. The event marks an official new beginning in his own journey, and I appreciated the opportunity to be there to witness it. 


My son decided, when he was eight years old, that he wanted to be a police officer when he grew up. Many kids go through phases where they want to be a police officer or a fire fighter or an astronaut, their careers changing along with their interests as they grow. His dad and I encouraged Nate to play and learn and read about law enforcement. We bought him a police scanner so he could listen to calls. We set up metal lockers in his room and painted them red, so he could stow his gear. And we encouraged him to let his imagination guide him. 

Nate’s interest didn’t wane. He made a uniform out of blue dress slacks and a white shirt, complete with a duty belt and badge, a pair of toy handcuffs clipped to his belt.  His beagle Sam became his police dog. He played at being a cop, practiced arresting his sisters, set up a mock police car in his room. He practiced ten codes and learned to respond to calls by  observation and listening to his scanner. We took field trips to the police station. By the time he was 10 years old, he knew police officers who shared their knowledge with him and encouraged him along the path to law enforcement. I knew this was no longer a phase, but my son’s destiny, his chosen career. 

Nate never wavered, joining the Police Explorer Program at 14, and later graduating from MSSU with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice and an Associates in Law Enforcement. I attended his graduation from college and his graduation from the police academy. Congratulated  him when he was sworn in as a police officer. I watched him drive by in his black and white cruiser, knowing he loved every moment of what he was doing. He was no longer pretending to be a police man. He was one. 

For years, my son has kept his community safe, patrolling the city streets, responding to calls, and when necessary, making arrests. He does not take his responsibilities lightly. He continues to learn by attending classes and teaches other officers. He has chosen to be on the streets, behind the wheel of a cruiser. Last year, while doing a ride along with him, I watched him as he kept watch over all that was happening around him. I am proud to say that I saw him treat people with compassion and kindness, with firmness and efficiency, depending on the circumstances. He handled himself well and offered respect and sound advice to all. 

As we cruised around town, he spoke with quiet confidence about his career. He had been a patrolman because that’s what he wanted to be. He now felt ready to accept more responsibilities. I love that Nate knows so well his own heart and his own path. He’s made excellent decisions from that place of knowing as he’s journeyed. From a boy of eight years to the man he now is, he’s been guided by his intention to serve and protect and he has fulfilled that with honor and competence. What a privilege to witness his journey and his life. How grateful I am that he is my son. I’ve learned from him about persistence and dedication and how to hold and nurture a dream and bring it into reality. 

Congratulations Nathanael, on your promotion to sergeant. You are a great man and a great police officer, a wonderful husband, dad, brother and son. Onward and upward, son. I love you. 


Journey 281: Bringing Fall Indoors

Today’s journey has been very similar to one of my Sunday self care days. I had an hour of physical therapy on my Darling left leg this morning, and she wasn’t at all sure that she liked it at first. Margit Schmid, of Massage & Posture Therapy, is wonderful, and although her initial attention to my leg was painful, as she worked to relax tense muscles and irritated nerves, her expertise soon brought a measure of relief and more mobility to my leg. I am grateful and I will see her again next week. 


I opted to work from my recliner this afternoon, taking care of business by phone and computer. Eventually I ended up in the garden, stretched out in my anti-gravity chair. What a gorgeous day! And how amazing, in October, to kick off my shoes and roll up my jeans. The air was warm and fragrant with the scent of basil, lemon balm, sage and jasmine. I am ever so blissful in this paradise. 
I felt inspired to gather freshly cut herbs and change over my vintage wooden sieve, from summer to fall. I’ve been slow to welcome fall, doing a little at a time, as Darling allows. Today she cooperated beautifully and I enjoyed creating a simple vignette that included mini pumpkins and a pitcher full of herbs. Scenting the air inside now is a mixture of basil, Russian sage, pineapple sage and lemon balm. I added a few stalks of ornamental grass as well. 

As I admired the finished vignette, I said aloud, “And that’s the limit of what I can do today.” Yes, my leg was tired and aching. However, I was aghast at what I had just said. I immediately spoke again, “Look at what I just accomplished! My leg did great!” It’s a small shift. But it is important to me to not see myself as limited. I am learning to care for myself in a greater way. I am listening to my body, in this case, my left leg, and appreciating the way she functions. I’ll do all I can to care for  my leg, and the rest of me, while I am enjoying life and the journey. And my body parts and I did create a lovely arrangement that brings the beauty and scents of my garden indoors and welcomes fall into my home. That truly is an accomplishment. 


Journey 168: Game Night

My family likes to have fun! Tonight we celebrated this fact by gathering for a game night at the house of my sister Linda. Elissa ordered pizza, I brought snacks, Josh and Nate grabbed sodas. It was game night with a party atmosphere!

We played a family favorite, Apples to Apples. I happened to win that fun game, while my mom and young great-niece London played Candy Land and Labrynth. When London moved to the playroom, we played a rowdy and fast-paced game of Heads Up, which was new to me. Using an app on the phone, the game is played by dividing into teams and taking turns  getting a team member to guess the word or phrase on the phone, which is held in front of his or her forehead. We laughed. A lot! 

I’ll let the pics tell the story of the evening. Shared food, shared fun, family time at its best. We will gather again soon, and hope son Nate and his family can join us, and grandson Jonathan too!

 Adriel’s boyfriend Nate deciding whose descriptive card wins in Apples to Apples. 

  Mom and London play Candy Land. 

   Josh takes Apples to Apples seriously!

 Nate goes first in the hilarious game, Heads Up

 Josh giving clues so Dayan can guess the word.  

  Josh, Greg’s knees, Elissa, me, Linda

 London got to pick an activity. Playdoh!  Dayan, London, Nate, Adriel

 Dayan, Greg, Elissa, me, Linda