Day 37: Icy Winter Garden Globes


My first for today was pure fun, and perfect for a cold wintery day with a high of 16 degrees. I made icy winter garden globes, based on an idea that my daughter, Elissa, shared from Pinterest.

These were simple to make, filling balloons with water and food coloring, and letting them freeze. Although I discovered right away that it doesn’t work to fill the balloon with water and then try to add drops of food coloring. I laughed as the water shot up like a fountain and the balloon collapsed. I found that dripping the food coloring in first and then filling the balloon with water worked well. By the third balloon, I was an expert at the process, “burping” out the excess air to leave only colored water in the globe and then tying off the end without spraying myself. That only happened once!

I got started late on this project, so only the three smaller globes froze clear through, even with the frigid temps outdoors. I was delighted with the results as I cut away the balloons from the ice within. Laughter bubbled forth with child-like glee. I’ll let the larger globes freeze overnight. I can’t wait to see all six winter garden globes glistening in the morning sun, cradled by this week’s snow. It will be magnificent!

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