Day 71: Create a Welcome Spring Porch for Linda


I redo the décor on my front porch several times a year, changing it with the seasons and holidays. No firsts possible there. So for today’s first, I created a Welcome Spring front porch for my sister, Linda!

My sister bought a home in Joplin last year, graciously allowing me to act as her realtor. She purchased a cute bungalow style house that is just right for her. Among the favorite features of the house is a cute front porch, the perfect spot to relax, enjoy the outdoors and watch the world amble by.

That front porch was like a blank canvas to me. I love pulling ideas together to create a homey and attractive space. My sister’s birthday was last week, and for her gift, I offered to fix up her porch for spring. Truly, we both benefit! I enjoy the creative process and watching how it all comes together. That is part of the fun, finding a focal piece, in this case a rug, and then finding, in various stores, the rest of the pieces that complement each other. As in other areas of my life, the intention went out and delightful manifestations flowed back.

Creating welcoming spaces, where people can be themselves, is part of who I am, and my purpose in life. I am offering in smaller ways now as I journey toward offering in bigger, more expansive ways. The joy is the same though, whether I am creating a retreat center called Rivendell, or fresh porch décor for my sister. Happy birthday, Linda!