Day 80: Millsap Produce


In my quest for a healthier lifestyle, I’m eating non-starchy vegetables, berries, nuts, limited amounts of other fruits, eggs and lean proteins such as chicken, turkey and fish. I feel amazing! More energy, sleeping better at night, aches and pains mostly gone, and I’m about 12 pounds lighter. I’ve been excitedly waiting for the Farmer’s Market in Webb City to open again, so I can take advantage of all the fresh produce.

In the meantime, I made a new discovery: Millsap Produce, located at 4902 S Range Line, in Joplin. This retail shop sells a large variety of organic produce and foods. The store is small, but packed with goodness! I saw produce, raw honey, organic meats, gluten free products, dairy free products, nuts, and the list goes on and on.

There is also a greenhouse attached to the store with a huge selection of succulents. I’m sure as the season progresses there will be herbs and many other plants available. I’ll keep this in mind as my garden takes shape in the backyard. They also had a nice selection of Shamrock Plants still available, in case anyone missed getting a plant elsewhere.

I purchased several items and intend to frequent this store, especially during the Farmer’s Market off season. Millsap Produce is open six days a week, making it a convenient stop. And since it’s an actual store, weather won’t affect shopping. Millsap also has a monthly organic order sheet that is emailed out. Organic produce and herbs, grain or grass fed meat and poultry, pizzas and breads from Mohaska, and gluten free groceries can all be ordered and then picked up at the store.

I love the Farmer’s Market and will continue to visit it weekly once it opens. I’m happy to have found an alternative, though, that’s there anytime I need fresh produce or any of the many other items Millsap Produce carries!

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