Day 86: Sonic Tea with Pineapple


For the second time in a week, my planned first had to be scratched at the last minute and another substituted. One of the things I learned early on in doing a first every day is to be flexible. When a family emergency happened 30 minutes before my scheduled art class this evening, I needed to give my full attention to family. And I wanted to do that, completely. Family or friends always take precedent. I also don’t want to not do a first. I’m grateful for small firsts when I need them.

My first for today was to experiment with a new flavor of tea. I’m a huge fan of Sonic’s unsweetened ice tea. I primarily go through the drive through during Happy Hour, 2:00 – 4:00, when I have the craving for an iced tea. I normally get an unsweetened tea but occasionally add real strawberry or lemons. Tonight, as I’m dealing with a situation, I decided to make up a new tea combination to try.

It was a close tie between having an unsweetened tea with watermelon flavoring or an unsweetened tea with pineapple. I chose to go with pineapple because it is real fruit added in rather than flavoring. I think the young lady taking my order thought I was nuts, if her tone of voice was any indication, but I got my requested tea. And you know what? It’s good! Not too sweet, not too plain. And the real fruit means I get pineapple tidbits through my straw as an added treat.

Sometimes life demands our attention. And when it does, I want to be 100% present to those who need me. I also made a commitment to myself at the beginning of the year to experience one new thing each day. Thankfully, I was able to do both this evening.

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