Day 107: Repurpose Boutique


For today’s first, I had the opportunity to visit a shop in Carthage, MO, that I found via Facebook. I loved what I could see online. Today I visited the shop in person, and discovered it was as great in reality as its online presence.

Repurpose Boutique is located at 530 W. Fir Road, Suite D, in Carthage, MO. They are open Tues – Sat, 10:00 to 6:00 and Sunday, 1:00 to 5:00. It is a great little shop featuring a “charming eclectic variety of fashions for ‘your look, your home, your life.” The more you look, the more you see here! There are trendy designer fashions for everyone, both new and gently worn, and designer shoes, purses and jewelry. Plus Repurpose Boutique is home to many creations by local artists and designers.

I did a quick tour around the store first. There was a section for school spirit, featuring clothing, jewelry and other items in the appropriate colors for all the local schools. I also noted lots of hand crafted jewelry, creatively displayed in old tackle boxes. Repurposed furniture was available throughout the store, along with signs and pillows and other great vintage or handmade pieces. And this shop carries a wonderful selection of unique clothing. After my initial perusal, that’s the section I settled into today. I had spied a great fitting room, fashioned from four old wooden doors. I was looking forward to trying clothes on in that creatively repurposed space.

As I have moved more and more into being fully who I am, becoming the person I was created to be, my taste in clothing has shifted too. And as my body becomes more healthy and fit, I’m rediscovering how enjoyable clothes shopping can be. I’ll admit it. I’m a free spirit and I like an eclectic mix of clothes, favoring casual fun clothing over formal attire. Repurpose Boutique is my kind of store! I enjoyed browsing through all the tops, dresses, pants and shoes available. And it was fun to try on my selections in the wooden door fitting room. After trying on about a dozen tops, I narrowed my picks down to three. Since two of the three shirts were on sale, I bought all three!

Repurpose Boutique is a fun shop, full of all kinds of treasures and trendy clothes. They offer clothing and gifts that are beyond the ordinary, and that suits me just fine! Following them on Facebook and via texts through their VIP Club, I can stay informed about sales and specials and also see pictures of the new product arriving daily. Carthage is only 15 minutes away, and I love an excuse to drop by to see Nate, my son, Megan and their lovely family. I’m sure I’ll be a frequent shopper at this charming and delightful boutique.