Day 133: Chemical Peel at Salon 529 and Day Spa


My sweet sister, Linda, gifted me with today’s first, a facial chemical peel. She had one done recently and decided to help me do something I’d never done before. In fact, I’ve never even considered having a chemical peel. Coupon in hand, I met Justin at Salon 529, located in downtown Joplin at 529 S Main Street. I didn’t know what to expect at all.

Justin was friendly, courteous and fun. I told him about my year of firsts and that the chemical peel was going to be my first for today. He explained what he was doing, as he worked, and we chatted about my year of new experiences. Justin applied a glycolic acid solution to my face and let it work for 90 seconds. There was no pain, just a slight tingling sensation, and no blistering or redness. Justin then carefully rinsed my face with cool water, removing the solution. After applying sunscreen and a moisturizer, I was done!


Justin recommended a series of five peels over the next five or six weeks, to receive the maximum benefit. A chemical peel works by removing the layer of dead cells that dulls the skin. It minimizes wrinkles, reduces fine lines around the eyes and mouth, reduces age spots and overall, improves the look and feel of the skin. I have made peace with aging, and have decided to do so gracefully, but that doesn’t mean I can’t or won’t take very good care of the skin, hair and body that I have! After one session, the skin on my face feels silky smooth and looks great.

Since this was also my first time to visit Salon 529, Justin gave me a tour. I love the buildings downtown with their exposed brick walls and high ceilings. Salon 529 has a functional yet beautiful space. Downstairs are the stations for washing and styling hair and doing facials. In the spacious upstairs area there are massage rooms, including a couples room for massages times two! Near the large windows there are stations for manicures and pedicures, and applying eyelashes, and in the back, a room for waxing and spray on tans. I was impressed. Salon 529 and Day Spa is truly a full service salon, offering a variety of services and packages.


Justin set me up for my next appointment and gave me a Welcome goody bag.  It was a pleasure to meet him. I enjoyed talking with him and appreciated getting the tour. I can highly recommend Justin and Salon 529 and Day Spa. Although the words “chemical peel” can sound intimidating, this was a fun and informative adventure! I’m grateful that Linda encouraged me to experience a first that I probably wouldn’t have thought of!

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