Day 161: New Treat at Andy’s Frozen Custard and Their Sweet Story


I realized today, when I needed to shift firsts, that Andy’s Frozen Custard has become my “fall back” first! At the beginning of the year, as I made lists of possible firsts, I had Andy’s down for a once a month visit. They offer a different flavor each month in a concrete or sundae. Then I eliminated sugar from my diet, along with dairy products, so it was bye-bye Andy’s! I allow myself an occasional treat now and it’s great to know I can always try something new at my favorite frozen custard store.

For today’s first, I had the monthly special, a blackberry concrete. I love berries. Blueberries are my top pick, but blackberries are a close second. When I saw what the June special was, I opted for that. I have to admit a small pang as I ordered, when I saw the butter pecan concrete in bold print on the menu board. I haven’t had one of my old favorites since I began limiting my sugar intake. But I powered through the craving and carried my small blackberry concrete to a high top table to enjoy.

And enjoy it I did. This was my first blackberry concrete and it was very tasty and refreshing. The slightly tart berries mixed with the creamy frozen vanilla custard was a perfect pairing. And I decided to enjoy it without guilt. I am mindful of what I am eating these days and when I do have a treat, I want to savor it. As I was finishing up my concrete, I noticed for the first time a large picture hanging on the wall that told the story of the store’s creation. So in addition to trying a new concrete flavor, I also learned how Andy’s came into existence.

Titled “A Sweet Story to Share” the picture reads:

A great salesman can sell enough stuff – good or bad – to make a living. But when the product is amazing there is no need for a salesman at all…just a family of caring people who cannot wait to share their found treasure with as many people as possible. John & Carol Kuntz met Leon & Doris Schneider who had their own frozen custard store in Milwaukee since 1942. With Leon’s knowledge and guidance, John & Carol were able to open their first frozen custard store in Lake of the Ozarks, MO on March 19, 1986. The store was named after their son, Andy.

Lines of people began to gather to taste this incredible treat and the store took off like a rocket. The family moved to Springfield, MO to open more stores and soon Andy’s Frozen Custard became a household phrase. A Midwest Legacy was born.

Andy grew up in the business and worked alongside his wife, Dana, serving custard made the Milwaukee way – with only the best ingredients and made fresh every hour. Today sixteen Andy’s Frozen Custard stores bring the world’s best frozen custard to the people of the Midwest.

The Kuntz family continues the tradition today. Sadly, John Kuntz passed away in 2006 but Andy, Dana and Carol, along with the wonderful teams of associates, are keeping his fanatical practices of exceptional service, perfect product and extreme fun alive. It is through the eyes of a child that the definition of fun is written at Andy’s. After all….Andy’s makes it fun to be a kid for a while!

What a great story and indeed, a great legacy. I like being a kid at Andy’s, even if it’s just for a while. And I like blackberry concretes. The next time I need a default first, I’ll be back to try another concrete flavor!