Day 190: Shop at Cato

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I took time today, in between appointments, to stop by a clothing store in Joplin that I’ve never shopped in before. I’ve seen the Cato store, located at 1321 S. Range Line, many times and yet I’ve never stepped inside. For my first today, I visited the store and made a purchase.

My interest in Cato began about a month ago. I like to stop by my local Goodwill Store to hunt for items such as containers or candle holders for the garden. At least, that’s what I did at first. Then I started buying T-shirts to wear as I worked in the backyard. At such low prices, I didn’t mind if the shirt got dirty or even ruined. I then bought a couple of long, summery dresses to wear around the house when I’m in for the day and ready to get comfy. My favorite is a long blue T-shirt dress with colorful butterflies painted on it.

It’s become a game, seeing what treasures I can find at the thrift store. One day I bought a sack full of very cute tops. These were NOT for wearing in the garden. I enjoy the shirts and loved that I got them at bargain prices. I noticed something when I got the shirts home. Most of them had the same clothing store label…Cato. I didn’t realize that when I bought them at Goodwill. I was intrigued.

When I had a free hour this afternoon, I seized the opportunity to visit the Cato store. What a delightful shop! The store was clean and bright, the staff friendly and helpful, the selection of clothing colorful and varied and the prices were great. I spent a cheerful hour browsing and trying on tops. It doesn’t take much guesswork to figure out I am a child of the 60’s and was a teen during the 70’s. I love the peasant tops, the fun knits, the “hippy” clothing. I also tend to favor black and white color schemes, but I’m venturing out more, color wise . Cato suits me because they have a great selection of my style of clothing! I found many shirts that I liked. And I didn’t even try on dresses, jeans or slacks today.

I bought one top during this shopping trip, a fun black and white peasant top. But I will most definitely go back to shop when I have more time to linger and try on clothes. Being a destination store rather than being inside the mall makes it an easy access shop. It was a fun experience, and that’s amazing coming from one who doesn’t particularly enjoying shopping. Cato just might make a shopper out of me.

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