Day 217: Baskin Robbins Opening Day

Baskin Robbins e

Today was another busy day on the cusp of my departure. I am grateful for understanding clients who allowed me to move from appointment to appointment with little delay. I also appreciated Greg’s help in measuring houses and interior rooms during two listing appointments today. I moved steadily through the paperwork and signatures and counter offers.

As dinner time approached, I had the joy of pausing to have a meal with my two daughters and my grandson. I got to see my son and his family Saturday. I wanted a chance to visit with my girls and grandson too. I picked Dayan up and as we headed to the restaurant to meet the others, he and I discussed what my first for today would be.

I love how Dayan not only keeps me accountable in this journey of new experiences, but so readily comes up with suggestions. I shared with him that Joplin had a new ice cream shop that opened on south Main this afternoon. We decided if we had time, after dinner, we would have a treat for my first. If that didn’t work out, Dayan had several great suggestions for other firsts that were very creative and doable.

I enjoyed a quick dinner with my family at Cheddars Restaurant. Dayan and I left together to do some secret shopping for his mom’s upcoming birthday. He accomplished that with ease and we found we had time to try a Baskin Robbins treat.

Located in a new shopping center, at 3025 S. Main in Joplin, we pulled into a full parking lot. Joplin has not had a Baskin Robbins for many years. Apparently we weren’t the only ones excited to welcome them back. The new store opened at noon today. A friendly crowd stood in lines inside the brightly lit store. We wound our way toward the front. I loved how people stood in line and took turns walking along the long glass counter, making decisions about which of the 31 flavors of ice cream to choose. Dayan scouted out the choices and returned with three possible flavors. I already knew I wanted something with coconut in it.

The line moved quickly and it was our turn to order. Seeing Dayan’s dilemma in making a choice, we opted for two dips of ice cream each. After all, it was my first, and Baskin Robbins first day of business. I think the event called for a celebration! Dayan chose a dip of chocolate mousse royal and a dip of peanut butter chocolate in a cup. I had a scoop of coconutty and one of pralines and cream in a waffle cone.

We enjoyed our treats on the drive to Dayan’s house. He’s a great person to share firsts with and we discussed some interesting possibilities for continuing this journey, together, next year. I’m thrilled that he sees the value in having first experiences. It was wonderful to take a break and be with family. And an ice cream cone was the perfect pick me up as I returned to work. Welcome to Joplin, Baskin Robbins!

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