Day 228: Journeys and Meetings


The trip to Scotland officially ended today. We flew out of Edinburgh about noon, their time. But my journey continues!

There are so many precious memories that I’m carrying home with me. And insights and realizations to ponder and allow to deepen before sharing. It was a magical trip. Life, itself, is magical!

We landed in Newark, NJ, back in the US, at 2:16 pm, in spite of leaving Scotland at noon. To our bodies, it felt like 7:16. Jet lag began!

Of all the places in the US that our flight could have arrived, Newark was the city. And we had a five hour layover. An opportunity presented itself for an amazing first. I have had a dear friend, for seven years, that I met though social media. Yet we’ve never met in person. Today, as I journeyed homeward, I met my friend Mark Semple for the first time.

Mark and I connected all those years ago through an online site of Mike Dooley’s called The Village. I was looking to connect with people who were aware and growing in their spiritual journeys. We did connect, immediately. Mark coaches others, journeying alongside offering wisdom, support, encouragement and sometimes a challenge.

I coached with Mark for a time. One day he issued a challenge to me that shifted my life. He said, “Step up into the Cindy-shaped space that only you can occupy, and BE the person you are created to be “. I knew that I often pulled back from being fully myself, choosing to get by unnoticed. Mark’s words came to mind often. I accepted the challenge. I began to occupy that space that was mine alone to inhabit, more and more. I began to shine!

It has been an amazing continuing journey. I am grateful to have Mark as a traveling companion. We share ideas, beliefs and the joys of life. Very soon, we will collaborate on several projects, offering perspectives and insights we’ve learned along the way.

Mark and I have not sought a meeting. Our friendship is not dependent on proximity. We’ve always had the attitude that at the perfect time we would meet, if we were meant to. That perfect time appeared in connection with this trip, which added to the magic. It was surreal to see this person who has been so important to me AND hear his voice at the same time!

I am completing this blog post as we are in the car, headed for Joplin, after arriving by plane in Tulsa, OK. We are nearing the end of our journey, having traveled more than 4500 miles today. I am full of gratitude for all that I experienced. And I am full of anticipation for where the journey is taking me!


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