Day 257: Earthing

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Today’s first, earthing, which is also known as grounding, seemed a natural fit, energetically, after celebrating Positive Thinking Day yesterday. I’ve desired to practice earthing and I’ve been looking for a nice grassy location to walk around in. As I was working in my yard yesterday, I realized I have a nice grassy spot in which to walk! I found my earthing location , literally in my own yard.

Earthing is the practice of walking or exercising barefoot outdoors, preferably on the beach near the ocean or on a grassy section of earth. This fast growing movement, studied by doctors and scientists, is based upon the discovery that connecting to the earth’s natural energy is foundational to vibrant health. The skin is a good conductor of energy and the feet especially so. There is a “sweet spot” on the ball of the foot where all the meridians of the body converge. When the feet make contact with the earth, there is a transfer of free electrons from the earth through the feet to all parts of the body.

Dr. James Oschman is an expert in the field of energy medicine, with a bachelor’s degree in biophysics and a PhD in biology. His research in earthing led him to study inflammation in the human body, which is recognized as the leading cause of major diseases. The free electrons entering the body from the earth are potent antioxidants, beneficial for decreasing levels of inflammation throughout the body by neutralizing free radicals, and therefore decreasing the potential for diseases such as heart disease, arthritis, and even cancer. Grounding has been shown to thin the blood, lower blood pressure and make cells less likely to stick together and form clots. Because free radicals are a major cause of aging as well, keeping the body balanced with electrons from the earth reduces the destructive signs of aging such as wrinkling of the skin and the breakdown of DNA.

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Dr. Oschman believes when people began wearing shoes with plasticized and rubberized soles, which block the earth’s free electrons from reaching the body, diseases began to increase, because the level of inflammation within the body rose as well. The simple practice of walking barefoot daily not only feels good and reduces inflammation and disease, it also relieves joint and body pain.

I was intrigued by my research. I have been aware of the negative effects of inflammation for quite some time and take minerals and herbs to counteract the damage within my own body. I had heard of earthing. I thought it was primarily a meditative practice and only discovered today that it is beneficial in reducing inflammation, pain and disease. I love how the right information flows to me at the right time. I used to go barefoot often as a child. Even though I grew up in a large city, I rarely wore shoes while playing in the yard or neighborhood. Although I frequently go barefoot indoors now, I can’t remember the last time I intentionally walked barefoot outside, beyond a quick jaunt out onto the deck or sidewalk.

With child-like glee, I stripped off my shoes and socks early this evening and headed outside. The grass was dewy and dark green on the north side of my house. Slowly, I stepped into the grass and wiggled my bare toes. I sighed with pleasure. I had forgotten how good it feels to be barefoot in the grass. I walked thoughtfully alongside the hosta garden and into the backyard, entering the space that was cleared yesterday. After walking back and forth along the hostas for several minutes, I pulled a chair off the brick seating area and plopped down to catch the setting sun’s last rays. I kept my bare feet flat upon the ground and just let my body relax. I intended to remain connected to the earth for 30 minutes, but an hour later, as darkness descended, I at last stood up and re-entered the house. I felt refreshed.

This is a new practice for me. My intention is to walk barefoot daily for as long as the weather permits, and see if I notice a difference in my body and the way I feel. If I simply reconnect with my joy in walking barefoot outside, that will be a benefit. I hope that connecting again with the earth’s amazing energy will bring increased health and vitality as well. I am open to receive!

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