Day 292: Fall Floral Arrangement

fall arrangement close up

What a beautiful, tranquil fall day. Each warm sunny day is a gift, this time of year. I had time this afternoon, in the midst of much needed housework and completing the fall decorating, to relax in the garden, savoring a cup of tea while soaking up gentle sunshine. The garden never fails to bring a smile to my face and joy to my heart. It also inspired my first today!

As I looked at the last offerings of the flowers and herbs still flourishing in the garden, I decided to gather blooms for a fall bouquet. I don’t cut flowers very often, preferring to enjoy them in their natural state. However, with the first hard frost, these plants will go dormant for the winter. I cut a selection of blooms and sprigs of herbs and brought them inside.

Using a white pitcher, I created a fun arrangement. I’m certainly not an expert on floral designs. I just went with what was appealing to me. The bouquet has a mix of plants, including yellow Blanket Flowers, white Snow Hill Salvia and the delicate looking Pink Fountain Gaura and among the herbal plants, I included Russian sage, lavender and three varieties of basil. I like the casual way the arrangement came together and I LOVE the way it smells! I included the flower filled pitcher in the fall vignette on the dining room table. Every time I walk by, the fragrance makes me smile.

I am really happy with the arrangement! At first glance, it resembles a spring bouquet. On closer inspection, it is apparent that these blooms are fading, albeit, they are still beautiful, still smell wonderful. I love the grace of that. What a wonderful reminder of this past season and the gift of beauty and joy that the garden has given to me.

Fall arrangement boquet

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