Day 298: Family Halloween Party

halloween party 19

My family enjoys Halloween. The theme song from the Addams Family is appropriate for us: “They’re creepy and they’re kooky, mysterious and spooky….” Really, we relish any opportunity to gather as a family and have fun. And, certain members of the family excel at party planning and being extremely creative! For years, my grandson Dayan has hosted a Halloween party and so has my sister, Debbie, niece, Ashley and her husband, Jon. Last year, both families were in the process of moving to new houses and there were no parties. This year, for the first time, we all gathered at one big party, hosted by Ashley, Jon and Debbie, in Broken Arrow, OK.

Halloween Party 2

An indication of what awaited us, inside!

These guys went all out. To properly showcase the enormous amount of work and creativity they spawned, this blog post will be primarily a photographic one. We had a fantastic time, feasting, dressing up, visiting and laughing, and playing a very cool game. I appreciate Debbie, Ashley and Jon so much, for turning their home into a spook house full of surprises and making sure we all had a wonderful experience. Seriously, these three should do party planning to generate additional income!

halloween party 17

halloween party 16

Halloween Party 3

Dayan, Elissa, Josh

Halloween party 9

Nicole, Scott

halloween party 20

Fox, Linda, Cade

Halloween party 6


halloween party 18

Halloween party 5

Great food, cleverly served.

Halloween party 4

Greg and Roy didn’t wear costumes…or did they? Twins!

halloween party 21

Steve, Jerri

halloween party 12

The decorations gave clues to 30 + scary movies. We teamed up and hunted for the references. What fun!

halloween party 13

Jon, bartending as The Phantom of the Opera!

Halloween party 11  Halloween party 10

Ethan and Kaleb

halloween party 14

halloween party 15

halloween party 22

Christel, in the Hall of Screams

Halloween party 8

Bryan, Linda, Debbie, Cindy….siblings!

Halloween party 7

Dayan, Ashley, Cindy, Pat, Linda, Debbie, Elissa, Josh

Jon, Ethan, Kaleb

What a fun Saturday. Love my family. I wish every single member could have attended. Perhaps next year! I suspect this annual event is going to keep getting bigger and more elaborate. Oh, the possibilities!

Halloween Party 1

The Hall of Screams

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