Day 304: Birthday Lunch with Aubrey

Aubreys birthday

My granddaughter, Aubrey, was born on Halloween, 6 years ago today. Far from being frightful, she’s been a delight since the moment of her birth. We had intended to celebrate her last Sunday, but the flu bug changed the plans. Her family will gather next Sunday, instead, to wish her happy birthday and celebrate her big little life. For my first today, I had the privilege of joining Aubrey and her daddy, my son, at Aubrey’s school, for a birthday lunch.

I was thrilled when Aubrey called yesterday and invited me to lunch. I have not had lunch with my granddaughter yet, at school. And to get to do so on her birthday was a treat. Nate picked me up early so we could pick up birthday cards, a piece of rainbow confetti birthday cake, complete with a number 6 on top, and Subway sandwiches, which is what Aubrey requested for her birthday lunch. We arrived at the school ahead of Aubrey’s lunch time, so we could watch for her to file into the cafeteria. I love how my son loves his daughter. We chatted as we watched for Aubrey’s class to arrive. As I was looking at Nate, his face brightened and he smiled, saying “There she is!” His obvious delight in her is apparent, to me, to anyone who knows him, and most importantly, to Aubrey. It nurtures a girl’s heart and soul to know she is loved and cherished by her daddy. She was just as pleased to see him.

Aubreys birthday cake

We let our birthday princess pick out our seating spot and then unpacked our lunches. She was excited about her piece of birthday cake and her cards and even more excited to have her dad and Yaya with her for lunch. As the rest of the kindergarten kids walked by, on their way to picking up their lunch trays, each one wished Aubrey a happy birthday. Her little face flushed pink with all the attention.

This beautiful little girl is so precious. She is bright, funny, happy, and sociable, as comfortable talking to adults as she is talking to children. Since her toddler days she has exhibited a strong spiritual side, frequently talking about God, angels and the Spirit realm. She’s intuitive, like me, and has some of the same abilities and gifts that I do. It has been insightful, and healing to me, to watch Aubrey grow up with her intuition, completely without fear.

Aubrey's birthday cake 2

She loves animals and family, rainbows and climbing trees. Aubrey is a movie buff, which is another passion we share. She first fell in love with films watching The Beauty and the Beast and has since collected all the Disney movies and other animated films and moved on to non animation. When a new children’s movie hits the theater, Aubrey and I make plans to see it. She not only enjoys watching the movie, but also acting it out and discussing it afterward. The movie Frozen, which we saw for the first time last December, has become a favorite of hers. Aubrey accompanied me to the Frozen Sing-a-Long as a first, and stood and sang her heart out during the movie. I love her free spirit and her sense of fun.

I have my favorite Aubrey stories. When she was three, we had a talk about what was appropriate language, and what wasn’t! She asked me about a certain word. “Oh no,” I said, “we don’t say that one.” A short time later, while playing, she dropped a toy over and over. I heard her sigh and whisper in exasperation, “I almost said sh*t.” Another time, at about the same age, she asked me for a drink of water. Always mindful of teaching moments, I asked her, “What’s the magic word?” Without hesitation Aubrey said, “Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo.” After I choked on laughter, I got her a drink.

Magical might be the word that describes this amazing child best. I am honored to be her Yaya. I look forward to watching her grow into the person she is meant to be, and I will enjoy journeying beside her as she discovers her world, and her place in it. Happy birthday, Aubrey! I love you so much!

Aubrey birthday color me happy